Wedding Photographer San Francisco City Hall - Touching Hands.
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Touching hands in San Francisco

Sometimes to portray a romantic message, it is not necessary to show the entire image. We took this fantastic Asian couple to the Legion of Honor in San Francisco for some romantic shots of just the 2 of them. We noticed how frequently they held hands throughout the day. Because of this, we decided to make this pose which really focuses on the relationship and love between the bride and groom. The Legion of Honor also happens to be one of our favorite spots for San Francisco wedding photography. Its never crowded and we rarely see other newlyweds getting their photos done. This means we usually have the whole place to ourselves which is unusual for San Francisco Landmarks. Summarized below are some of the things we like best about The Legion of Honor:

  1. Easy parking and good commute from City Hall
  2. Amazing light because of the way the building is positioned with the sun
  3. Great architecture with repeating lines, which lends itself well to professional photography
  4. Close Proximity to Golden Gate Bridge views
  5. Usually not crowded and great privacy for the newlyweds
  6. Perfect location to take bride and groom if it is raining

Newlyweds being introduced after Mayor's Balcony ceremony