Wedding Photographer San Francisco City Hall - Back Light Bride
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Back Light Bride at City Hall

Our bride's shoes were starting to hurt her so we made sure she got a good rest off her feet. She can be seen here with some dramatic light behind her which was created by a remote flash hidden behind her. Yes, it was resting time, but why not keep shooting if the bride is willing. This particular bride loved wedding photography and kept encouraging us to get some great images. She actually chose the resting place, but I saw it as photo opportunity which would not require her to do anything. I grabbed my remote flash and placed behind her set on low power. She was looking down anyway, which was the type of more candid image I was looking for. We tried the picture at different flash powers and settled on the lowest setting. I think you will agree that it is a dramatic image and certainly not the same as the others we captured that day. We also wanted to get a nice picture of the bride's shoes and this was also accomplished with the image above.

Newly married couple walking in Civic Center Park in San Francisco

This is not a picture you see very often because the trees seldom look like this outside of City Hall