Best Wedding Photography at San Francisco City Hall
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Best City Hall Wedding Photographer

We are not saying that we are the best, but we want you to know that we are always trying to be. We have been photographing weddings at city hall for over 12 years with 600 weddings creatively photographed. We commit to you that we strive for perfection and always give our clients our best effort. This couple was definitely one of our favorites of 2016. They booked us for an extended package which basically lasted all day. We followed them around as they went through all of their wedding related activities. Of course, the most important of these was the ceremony itself which was held at San Francisco city hall. They reserved the 4th floor North Gallery to accommodate their fairly large guest count and allow everyone to sit comfortably to watch their wedding. We also visited Golden Gate park, the site of their reception which was fun. The newlyweds has asked us to take pictures of guests as they came to the building, so we set up a station and did these group photos. The couple even got into a few of the photos themselves.

San Francisco city hall exit sign celebration