City Hall Wedding at the Mayor’s Balcony

Fish Eye Lens Wedding Photography Fish Eye Lens Wedding PhotographyBridal Portrait with flowers in front of 3rd Floor window at SF City Hall Bridal Portrait with flowers in front of 3rd Floor window

Lacie and Brad had already eloped in Europe but wanted to still have a marriage ceremony in the US for their family and friends.  They booked the Mayors Balcony so they could fit a large amount of people and have them seated comfortably.  The cost to reserve the 2nd floor Mayor’s Balcony is only $1,000 and you get to have it for a full hour.

Since this couple had already been married, they did not want or need an extensive photo shoot of the 2 of them.  They were mostly interested in family pictures and wedding party shots.   So after a wonderful ceremony, we started in on our extensive list of Family Photos and everyone really enjoyed getting together for them.  Its nice when people genuinely seem to like being involved in group photos, it makes it much easier also!

Across the building shot at SF City Hall Across the building shot at SF City Hall

After completing the family photos we did a large number of wedding party shots.  We did all the girls and all the guys and then paired each of them with the bride and groom.  They were dressed in matching outfits so this particular city hall wedding really resembled a large formal wedding.  After completing this portion of the festivities we took this attractive couple on a mini tour of San Francisco City Hall.  We still needed to get at least a few shots of them together.

Family Affair at SF City Hall

Deb and Bart on the 4th Floor in Black and White Deb and Bart on the 4th Floor in Black and White

Another fun wedding today with Deb and Bart.   The 2 of them made the trip to San Francisco City Hall all the way from Boise Idaho.  Even more impressive was their children who basically came from all over the USA and even the world to watch their parents get married.  After a fun filled ceremony and photo shoot at City Hall we decided to head to our pre-planned photo tour starting at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco.  We obviously could not fit all 5 of their kids in the car so we had to meet them there.  When we first arrived at the Legion of Honor we noticed that it was getting foggy so decided it would be best if we went right into the Golden Gate Bridge photos that we had also planned to do.  We took them to the 17th Hole at Lincoln Park Golf course which is a little more than walking distance from the Legion.  The Tee Box here has a nice view of the bridge so we rushed down there to get our shots before our opportunity was completely fogged over.

Spinning Bride at the Golden Gate Bridge Spinning Bride at the Golden Gate Bridge

After completing our wedding photography at the 17th Hole, we headed back up to the Legion of Honor to wait for the kids.  As it turned out, they were actually waiting for US at the Palace of Fine Arts.  Deb and Bart have no idea how they ended up there, but it was clear that we needed to change our plans and get back in the car.  After a nice shortcut through the Presidio we finally met up at POFA in San Francisco.  The kids had purchased some Champagne and we were able to get the awesome shot below:

Champagne Toast at the Legion of Honor Champagne Toast at the Legion of Honor

Action shots are always the best types of photos to get especially with a larger group like this one.  The family will look at this shot for years and laugh at each of their expressions as the bottle was opened in celebration.