Wedding Photographer San Francisco City Hall - Lesbian Couple
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LGBTQ City Hall Wedding Photographer

One of our favorite couples of the year so far. These LGBTQ brides had tons of fun posing for the San Francisco City Hall wedding pictures. They booked our Elopement package which includes 1 hour of coverage and optional license signing by the Wedding Photographer. What made this couple so much fun is they didn't take things too seriously. They really enjoyed joking around with each other and us! They wore relatively informal clothes which went perfectly with their personalities. Both Tiana and I photographed this wedding together and we were able to capture some amazing photos of both brides. In the 1 hour allotted time, we were still able to take them to all 4 floors including The Grand Staircase and the Mayor's Balcony. Both of them were very interested in capturing quite a bit of architecture in their city hall wedding photos so we made sure to use the best backgrounds with wide angle lenses. As one of the more popular San Francisco city hall wedding photographer teams, I feel it is our duty to provide the client whatever they want. We also have our own ideas and vision for each wedding we photograph, but it is important to not let that get in the way of the Newlyweds wants and desires. Funny story about one of these brides is that I ran into her at Shoe Shop in Walnut Creek about 6 months later. It was great to see her and she told us she still loved her wedding photos!

San Francisco city hall wedding photography on the Grand Staircase