San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer - Outside Kiss
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Exterior City Hall Wedding Photography

We often take our city hall Brides and grooms outside of San Francisco city hall to get some exterior images. Depending upon the time of the day the sun can be a problem so we decide where to go based upon when we leave. The image above was taken early in the day before the sun was directly behind city hall. In some cases we try to get the whole building in the background but for this shot we were going for a more intimate type of image. This couple was one of our first weddings ever photographed at San Francisco city hall and dates back to 2011. These newlyweds celebrated their nuptials by starting with the civil ceremony in the afternoon and then we all drove to Walnut Creek to head to a nice steakhouse to celebrate. We actually ended up becoming friends with the mother of the bride which is one of the great things about being a wedding photographer. You meet so many great and fun people.

Christmas and San Francisco city hall - Wedding photography

Christmas at San Francisco City Hall