Back of Bridal Gown in San Francisco City Hall Window
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Back of the Wedding Gown

Brides spend a lot of time and thought into choosing their bridal gown. As a wedding photographer it is important to make sure we photograph all angles of the bride's dress. Obviously the bride paid special attention to the details not just in the front of the dress, but also in the back. In the image above, we made sure to show the back of our bride's beautiful dress with the train fully extended. In this particular image, we presented it in Black and White to emphasize the texture of the gown. We approach this a number of different ways. In this case, we are strictly focusing on the back of the dress and you can't see the bride's face. We have another pose that displays the back of dress, but we turn the bride's head sideways and have her look down at her flowers. This creates a nice profile image of the bride which parents love! The back of the dress is still in view so in a sense you get 2 things accomplished with one pose. The final way we will display the back of the dress can be tricky for some brides and involves her doing a little bit of a twist at the top. Not all brides can pull this off, but it makes for a nice image when it works out. There are a few other tricks we have learned over the years to really make the dress shine. One of them is to have the bride hold the lower part of the dress out and spin back and forth as we take pictures. We can also sometimes have the bride just spin around in circles, which can really be pretty with some dresses. Our goal with San Francisco city hall weddings is to always make the bride's dress a center of attention.

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