Wedding Photographer San Francisco City Hall - Baker Beach
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Baker Beach Wedding Photographer

We really enjoy taking our brides and grooms to San Francisco's Baker Beach. What makes this location so special is the variety of photography background opportunities. Many of our recently married couples just think of Baker Beach as a nice place to get a Golden Gate Bridge photo, but there is so much more! Besides the bridge, we also can get some simple wedding photography images of the couple walking along the beach. Another option is pictures of them wading in the water or just playfully interacting. As you can see from the image above, there is also a secondary area for wedding photography at Baker Beach. This area has trees, sand and colorful bushes. We love to take our couples here and get away from the tourists! Very few places that we take our couples after their city hall wedding offer so many options in one location. This is why when clients request our Golden Gate package with one location, I often suggest Baker Beach. It is like 3 locations in 1!

Pretty Bride posing for the camera on the Grand Staircase