Wedding Photographer San Francisco City Hall - Steps Looking
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Bride on Steps at City Hall

This photograph was truly an impromptu candid shot to begin with.  We were actually all done with the shoot and had said good bye to the bride and groom.  I turned and looked and saw Andrea sitting on the steps looking off into the distance.  I quickly took a few shots, but then noticed that the dress train was kind of messed up.  So we made a minor adjustment and re-enacted the photo without changing anything else.  In post production  we made it into a black and white photo but kept the color in the bridal bouquet.  I love the splash of color that this adds.  One of my favorite shot taken in front of city hall ever!  Thanks Andrea!

Not to ruin the authenticity of the shot, but I was amused when I discovered that our thoughtful looking bride was simply searching down the road for their Uber driver.