Wedding Photographer City Hall - Bride Window Light
San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer

Natural Window Light

Wedding photography at San Francisco city hall offers all kinds of options for beautiful light. If you photograph the bride on the South side of the building you will benefit from the sun streaming in through the building which provides great rim lighting for your subjects. The only issue is that it can occasionally be harsh light depending upon the time of day. Alternatively, we can go to the North side and get some very complimentary soft light that exists there. We love putting our brides right by the window and using the northern soft light as our main light source. At times, we need to use some fill light with an umbrella. The photo above was taken with a telephoto lens from clear across the city hall building and displays the wedding dress beautifully. We take great pride in setting up our clients in a very complimentary fashion. We want to display the dress, showing the texture and shape. Having the bride holding her own train as pictured here does that quite nicely. There are only a few times throughout the day that this type of image is possible due to lighting angles and availability of the space.

City Hall Wedding Photography by Michael's famous Hallway shot.

SF City Hall Photography Light Tour

Why do we call it a Light Tour? Because in sense, we are following the light as we go from place to place in the San Francisco city hall building. We find ourselves taking our brides and groom from window to window and door to door. Always searching out the best backgrounds, but most importantly, the best light. The fact is, it changes throughout the day and even throughout the hour. As experienced city hall wedding photographers, we have years of experience doing this. To call your attention one more time to the photo above, note how the back light frames her dress. The shape of the dress is accentuated by the rim light that basically outlines the the silhouette. As mentioned these opportunities are fleeting and you so you have to take advantage of them while they exist. 1 hour later this particular light may be gone, but it is OK because we just go to another side of the building and great more magical moments for the bride and groom on their wedding day at City Hall.

Beautiful Sf City Hall Bride sits in window looking at her flowers