Dramatic Hallway Wedding Photography Image with Lights
San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer

Professional Lighting for Drama

There are many approaches to successful wedding photography, but the key factor is almost always the lighting. Professional lighting can turn an ordinary wedding photo into a dramatic one with impact. We think that our professional lighting equipment is a major factor in the success in our business. We are one of the few professional San Francisco city hall wedding photographers that bring in a full array of lighting equipment. We don't just use a simple flash on our camera, we utilize remote controlled off-camera lighting. This provides something called dimensional lighting on the main subjects, which creates a silhouette if you set your camera the right way. Having a remote controlled off-camera light gives us many options. We can place the light up high and pointing down for a certain effect or we can hide it behind the couple for back light. We can also bounce it off of the neutral walls of city hall for soft but directional lighting. This creates the dimension often seen in professional studio pictures.

San Francisco city hall wedding photography - bride posing

Town Hall Weddings in San Francisco

We spend a lot of time speaking about the advantages of celebrating your nuptials with a Civil Ceremony at the San Francisco town hall. Why is this? It's not that we don't enjoy big full scale weddings, because we do. However, couples spend so much money and planning time to put on a big wedding that many times there is sort of an empty feeling when it is all done. The other issue is that the day goes by so fast and the schedule can be very tight. Often times, you barely even have enough time for wedding photography. Not so with San Francisco city hall weddings. Ample time for photography is built right into our packages. It is not unusual to find yourself obtaining 4 times the amount of photography time with a city hall wedding as compared to weekend celebrations. This is because you eliminate all of the events that happen on a wedding day and just focus on getting married. No Cake Cutting or Bouquet tossing or any of the other traditional activities associated with large scale weddings. What if you still want these fun traditions? No problem, have your reception on a different day and invite all your family and friends. Who says that the wedding reception has to be on the same day as the ceremony? Another option that we see frequently with Town Hall weddings is delaying the reception until the evening. Why not separate the 2 events?

Wedding photography at San Francisco city hall on the Mayors Balcony

Beautiful lighting on the Mayor's Balcony using our remote flash