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Best LGBT Wedding Photographers

We feel that the best wedding photographers covering LGBT weddings understand the subtle differences in each couple and adjust their image making accordingly.  We try to spend enough time with each Same-Sex couple to understand what style of wedding photography will work for each.  Some of this is accomplished by simply asking questions.  We also figure things out early on in each photography session getting a feel for each of their personalities and preferences. We pride ourselves on our ability to figure this out for each wedding and do it quickly.  This, in fact, is the true challenge of successful San Francisco City Hall wedding photography.  You usually only meet the client the day of the wedding and within 15 minutes you are taking their pictures.  With most large formal weddings, the photographer meets with the couple beforehand and possibly even does an engagement session with them.  All of these factors represent the challenges facing a city hall wedding photographer.  We think that to be considered one of the best, it's important to master this challenge.