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Why Window Images for Brides?

Ok, I will admit that barely a wedding goes by where I fail to get an image of the bride in front of a window. She may be looking out the window or simply standing by it with the soft light it creates. Whether we have the bride looking out the window, looking at the photographer or contemplating her wedding bouquet, we always want to get some of these types of images. The reason for this is that window light is very complimentary to the brides face. If the bride is positioned correctly, a very soft and warm light is created on her face and will add to her beauty. One of the great things about photographing weddings at city hall is the fact that their are 3 perfect North facing windows that can be used for this type of photography. In the photo above please note how nicely the light reflects on the brides flowers and also her veil. Overall it makes for a great wedding photo. We can turn the bride into the light to highlight the front of her dress and her face. We can also have the window behind her to provide rim lighting to her hair or veil. In fact, the veil will also obtain a very nice glow in some cases. The final option with window light is to place the bride directly in front of it and either make a silhouette or highlight the dress. Here is a list of some of our most common poses with brides and windows:

  • Bride looking out the window.
  • Bride looking at camera with window light.
  • Silhouette of bride created by placing her directly in front of the window.
  • The back of the bride looking out window (showing the back of the wedding dress)
  • Sitting on Window sill where possible.
  • Bride in corner of window with light on her face.

We will try any of all of these options depending up the day and the type of dress our San Francisco City Hall bride is wearing that day.

City hall bride with big dress standing in front of large window