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LGBTQ Ceremony Fun

We have talked about catching moments before, but it's always worth discussing in more detail. San Francisco City Hall is different in that your ceremony is only going to be about 4 minutes. As a wedding photographer, you better be ready to catch those moments because they're gonna happen fast. Not only do they occur quickly but there's going to be very few of them. Also true because of no wedding reception where many fun moments occur. After all, there are only so many things that can happen in a 4 minute ceremony. In the photo above we were lucky enough to catch this fun moment for everybody in the frame was laughing. I swear if I could come up with a way to make my couple laugh in a natural way I would do it because it always results in such a fantastic photograph. This particular same-sex couple really enjoyed their whole wedding from start to finish. They made the ceremony fun and our City Hall photo tour was incredible. This LGBTQ wedding ceremony occurred in the rotunda in City Hall in front of the Christmas tree. The happy couple was surrounded by close family and friends. Christmas is truly a magical time to be having your wedding at San Francisco City Hall. It is also definitely one of our favorite months to be in San Francisco and also one of our busiest.

Christmas at San Francisco City Hall

Let's talk a little about having your wedding in December in San Francisco City Hall. For the most part it's a fantastic time to get married in this historic in beautiful building. However, we should also mention some of the negative points. For those engaged couples out there who do not celebrate Christmas it can be an issue because it's hard to avoid the decorations and the tree in the background of many of the photos. In addition, the default location for City Hall ceremonies in December is in front of the Christmas tree. Fortunately, the County Clerk's office will grant your request to have the Marriage Commissioner perform your ceremony at alternative location. In many ways this works to your advantage because it lets you choose just about any of the prime ceremony locations in the building. The only issue is that you have to ask and not everyone is comfortable doing so. This is where the best San Francisco city hall wedding photographers can help. Most of us know practically all of the County Clerk Officiants and will have no problem assisting you. Just let us know if you would prefer another location and we can make suggestions and then help you discuss with the officiant.

Fun pose in front the County Clerk's office