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Legion of Honor Wedding Photography

This same-sex couple asked us to take them to the Legion of Honor in San Francisco after we photographed their City Hall wedding. They booked us for our very popular San Francisco tour package which includes visiting 3 landmarks in the city after we take pictures in the building. In the photo above we asked our couple to hide in among the Legion of Honor columns and then lean out for the photo. One of the things I like about this image is that it shows depth and also repeating lines. 2 classic types of photography techniques that enhance any type of image, especially one such as this. The Legion of Honor in San Francisco happens to be one of our favorite places to take our newlyweds. There are quite a few reasons for this and so I thought it would be helpful to summarize them below.

  • The Legion of Honor provides Easy access and parking
  • Afternoon traffic patterns in San Francisco favor heading in this direction
  • Beautiful dimensional natural lighting in among the columns
  • The building provides a break from typical windy San Francisco days
  • The Legion of Honor is one of the few places we can go when it is raining
  • Close to a Golden Gate Bridge overlook so Newlyweds get 2 locations for the price of 1

Same Sex Civil Ceremony

Another great Same-sex couple decided to have their civil ceremony at SF city hall. They also brought their families which allowed us to get a little more creative. We often decide to put the whole family in front of the window and have them go through some fun and different poses. The results speak for themselves. This image was one of my favorites. Note: Window shots are no longer allowed at San Francisco city hall. We can put people in front of the window, but not up in it! This could change, but for now, they are enforcing this pretty strictly.