Wedding Photography of 2 LGBTQ Brides in San Francisco, California
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Same-Sex Wedding in Black and White

This couple was one of our favorites because they were so fun loving and really enjoyed the photo shoot. As we took them around the building on their City Hall photo tour, they spent a good portion of the time dancing around and being playful with each other. When You have an LGBTQ couple such as this one it makes capturing candid images very easy. One of the things that our clients request more often than not is fun and candid images of their wedding. We are always happy to do this for them, but it helps if the couple is active and participates in the photo shoot. This is a good place to point out that City Hall doesn't exactly have a lot of candid moments usually occurring unless it is during the ceremony. So this puts the onus on us wedding photographers to create situations that allow the couple to interact and create fun memories during their San Francisco photo shoot. For those couples preferring a more documentary style of photography, we think black and white works well. There is something about a black and white photo that makes you feel like it's photojournalism. Perhaps that is because in the old days newspapers were all black and white. Many of us were around for those days when most documentary style images we're done in black and white. In addition, black and white keeps the eye from being distracted by stand out colors. In this way, you are able to focus more on the subject matter in the photo.

Black and White Wedding Photography

Since we're on the subject of black and white photography I thought this would be a good place to go into a little more detail about how and why we provide our clients some images. When you receive your proofs you will get all of them in color and then a few of them will be in black and white and sepia tone. This way you don't have to worry about missing certain images that you would have liked in color. You then get the added bonus of seeing certain images in monochrome. Why do we even bother to do this? For one thing many of our clients request seeing some black and white images. I also really feel that certain photos can actually look better in black and white than they do in color. As mentioned above, I tend to think that candid or documentary type images work really well in black and white. I also like to do certain types of action photos in black and white. Images that portray movement and motion seem to be really effective. For an old-time look nothing beats sepia tone. This is why when we go out into the streets of San Francisco and take photos of things like cable cars or Old Trolley buses, we like to print these in sepia tone. These antique type images also work well in black and white for obvious reasons. If you book us to photograph your San Francisco City Hall wedding please feel free to ask us about black and white images and let us know if you'd like a lot of them or not too many. We will even provide you all Sepia if that is what you prefer. We do our best to keep our customer happy and give them what they want.