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Golden Railing Town Hall

Beautiful colors adorn the handicapped ramp at San Francisco city hall. It is probably one of the best looking disabled access areas in San Francisco. When you come here for the first time and see the railing, you think it is part of the décor. You would never think that it was actually installed to be a handicapped ramp. The nice thing about SF City Hall is that as they have updated it, they have taken great pains to keep the vintage look. The Gold railing has become one of our favorite places to bring our newlyweds during our building photo tour. There is quite a bit you can do with the colors and depth provided. In the image above, we shot down the rail and used selective focus to blur the foreground and background. This has the effect of really focusing your eye on the main subject, our bride and groom!

Here are a few more examples of wedding photography using the gold rail as a background:

City hall Wedding Kiss at the gold railing

Romantic wedding photography in San Francisco, California