Just Married Bride Carried out of City Hall by Groom
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Groom Carrying Bride over City Hall Threshold

Our couple wanted this shot and we were more than happy to accommodate their wish. We thought it would be fun to do it out in front of City Hall and the above photo is the result! Definitely a fun wedding image and worth the effort. Although not exactly the same as being carried across the threshold as you enter your home as a newly married couple, it still has meaning. In this case, the couple is leaving San Francisco city hall as husband and wife and entering their new world. I thought it was very appropriate and now I have suggested this to others as a fun San Francisco city hall wedding photography picture. These newlyweds did all kinds of other fun things with our photo shoot. We did a jumping shot, dance dip pose and some funny walking shots in the building. They were good sports and wanted to have fun on their wedding date. We were very glad to be included as their wedding photographers.

Wedding Photography more than just Pictures

As long as we are having the above discussion about enjoying the photography with our couple, I think this is a good time to mention our philosophy. Having your pictures taken on your wedding day is a big part of the event. As bride and groom, you want this day to be special and fun in every way possible. Since it is true that you spend so much time with your wedding photographer, it only makes sense that this should also be enjoyable. We recognize that and realize that it is not enough just to deliver great images to the couple after the wedding. We also want the experience to be positive and fun. If the the bride and groom have good memories about how the shoot went, seeing their pictures or wedding album will only reinforce this. We do everything we can to make the whole process enjoyable and fun.