LGBT fun Wedding Image with a Great Gay Couple
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LGBTQ San Francisco City Hall Wedding

We have been photographing weddings involving the LGBTQ community now for many years. We have found many of these weddings to be very rewarding. Why? Because many of our couples had to wait to legally be married. The waiting and uncertainty made it that much more special when it finally happened. It was obvious that once same-sex marriages became legal they were very grateful. In the photo above we encouraged our couple to interact and kind of wrestle playfully. This photo is the result of their fun interaction. Same-sex weddings are no different than any other wedding, but it still hopes to have some experience working with gay couples to help understand the different posing.

City Hall newlyweds displaying their marriage license

Posing Issues with Gay and Lesbian Couples

There are some issues, but they are really not that different than straight couples. As always, communication is key. One of our first San Francisco city hall gay weddings was 2 older men. They made it clear from the start that they did not want too much in the way of romantic photos. In fact, they gave us a couple of approved poses to ask them to do and that was it. It actually worked out just fine and kept everyone more comfortable. They explained to us that they grew up in an era where gay men displaying affection in public was frowned upon. Obviously, they were aware that this has now mostly changed, but they still wanted to keep it to a minimum. We NEVER push any of our couples into doing poses that are uncomfortable to them. We certainly understand that everyone has their own comfort zone.

White wedding dress glowing in Window light in San Francisco

Lesbian couples tend to be more affectionate in our experience. Again, this is not a blanket statement. This is just what we have experienced in over 100 LGBTQ city hall weddings. We can only go by what we have seen and worked with. In any event, we still treat all of our married couples the same and ask some of the same questions. Would you like to kiss for the pictures? Do you want lots of romantic poses? Do you want to do any fun / silly poses? You get the idea. It has been a very fulfilling and educational experience for us shooting same-sex weddings and we have met some amazing people.