Officer and gentleman wedding San Francisco City Hall
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City Hall Military Wedding

One of our favorite couples! We really had a wonderful time photographing this marriage. We took them to all 4 floors of San Francisco City Hall and got some amazing shots. You can go to our slideshow page if you want to see their complete wedding. We ended this shoot with a take off on the movie: "An Officer and a Gentleman" Totally fun! We provide our military couples with a special discount to thank them for their service. The only requirement is that they need to wear military dress for the wedding. This particular wedding was one of our favorites because the couple was so fun and easy to work with. They loved posing for photos and were willing to try all kinds of challenging types of shots. Our groom lifted her in the air and bent her back in a very athletic way. They booked our City Hall PLUS package which provided them with 1.5 hours of city hall wedding photography coverage.

Fog covered Golden Gate bride wedding photography

Fog Covered Golden Gate Bridge picture at Baker Beach, California

Service to our Country

Certainly we would like to honor any military personnel, by treating them special and providing a nice reduction in price. In this particular wedding we had a couple that was getting married while the military groom was on leave and soon heading back to active duty. This seems to be a pretty common occurrence when it comes to military weddings at San Francisco city hall. Its nice that couples who need a quick wedding and marriage license get it all accomplished in a very short time with a minimal of planning. We can pretty much do the same types of posing and pictures we do with anyone else and will try some pictures with the cover and some without.

Military weddings at San Francisco city hall