Professional Wedding Photography at SF Presidio
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Presidio Wedding Photography

We photographed this image at The Presidio in San Francisco at a fantastic place called Woodline.  We take many of our wedding couples there when they opt for our San Francisco Tour Package.  We thought the bride's wedding dress would really pop against the browns and greens of the Presidio and you can see the results for yourself.  Great couple and a perfect day to be out exploring in the city.

Whenever we shoot in a background that has 1 or 2 colors repeating we find it adds more drama and interest to the photo to add a contrasting color.  In this particular image, we have the reds of the dress and the wedding bouquet that really pop and stand out.  It helps draw your interest directly to the main subject.  We were also able to find an opening in the trees that allowed the sunlight to come through.  This added beautiful highlights to the bride's hair and rim lighting to the entire photo.