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Same Sex Ring Exchange

This is probably one of the most unique Marriage Ceremony images I have ever taken. This same-sex couple eloped to San Francisco City Hall with their new adopted baby. They had no guests so in order to do the ring exchange, the Deputy Marriage Commissioner had to hold their baby. I love the fact that the baby is actually watching her parents put on the rings. Classic! The nice thing about this also, is that it was actually the Marriage Commissioner's idea to hold the baby. She offered. We were all wondering how they were going to pull off giving each other rings and the Officiant has the solution. Just another one of the fun and unique things that occur every day in this historic building during marriage ceremonies.

Lesbian brides in San Francisco having fun

Same-Sex City Hall Wedding Photography

As we have mentioned elsewhere in this website, we were one of the first San Francisco city hall wedding photographers to embrace LGBTQ weddings. In the very beginning, they were somewhat controversial for mostly political reasons. But we never got caught up in any of that. To us, all that matters is helping 2 people out who love each other and want great wedding pictures to remember their special day. I believe in this point in time, we have probably photographed over 100 same-sex wedding at city hall and hope to do many more. It is an honor to be asking to service any couple regardless of their gender and preferences. This couple in particular were so much fun to be around and really loved that baby. I am certain that they will remember that picture of their ring exchange for years to come! I recently saw the officiant who performed the ceremony and was reminded of this great day.

Same-Sex wedding pictures at SF city hall

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