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Asian Bride - San Francisco

This beautiful bride was looking out the south facing window at city hall and it was striking to see the way the natural light enhanced the photo. I thought it would be fun to make the image black and white and just add some subtle color to the bridal bouquet. We provide each of our clients a limited amount of special effects like this one. These types of effects are quite popular with our San Francisco city hall wedding couples. It is one of the most requested edits we receive from our clients and we enjoy doing them. We usually try to choose a photo with lots of background and hope for a bride with flowers or a colorful dress. Not matter how we do it, it makes for a fun and different image for the newlyweds to enjoy. Like most special effects, this is not one we want to overdo. Just a few samples per customer is usually enough. However, if more are requested, we can do more.

Selective Color with black and white image of Asian Couple

Selective Color Special Photographic Effect

As mentioned above, this is one of our most popular effects. We do it using either Photoshop or Silver FX. To be honest, it is easier using Silver FX because of the ability to easily select the part of the image you want to bring the color back to. Basically, the entire image is converted to Black and White before the process is started. Once you have your black and white image, you can select on a "control point" the section of the image that you want to return back to color again. It is actually a very fun process and I enjoy doing it for my clients. See below for a few other samples, including this striking once with both bride and groom wearing red!

Black and White wedding Image with color background - Special effect photography

Different approach to selective color - Bride and groom in Black and White!