San Francisco Window Silhouette - City Hall Wedding Photographer
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Silhouette San Francisco Window Image

Beautiful depiction of our SF City Hall couple in front of the 3rd Floor window. The lighting was perfect to make this into a lovely silhouette, but still see enough of the couple to show you some texture. We have to have the perfect lighting conditions to make this shot work the way it does here. We love it when it is possible and always take advantage to get some romantic photos like this. The 3rd floor window at SF City Hall is perfect for this type of shot because the light coming through is subtle, but still vibrant. Depending upon the weather outside, you can get a more subtle look or something a bit more dramatic. One of the fun things about photographing at city hall and San Francisco in general is that you never know what kind of weather you are going to get. Fog in the summer and beautiful blue skies in the winter. All of these factors affect the lighting conditions in the building. We are often asked by our brides and grooms the best time of the day for lighting in City Hall. We tell them it really depends upon so many factors that it is difficult to really say. In reality, we feel that every different type of lighting condition within the building creates it's own kind of special feel and look. Each one has it's own drama so it provides our clients with a nice variety of images with little predictability. This ensures that not all of our newlyweds end up with the same pictures. Every one of our wedding shoots is unique and we try very hard to give a new look to all of our clients. One of the other nice things about this window is that it happens to be on the north side of the building which provides soft light and a warm glow.