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Window Kiss San Francisco

Probably one of the most elegant brides we photographed that year. She needed very little posing and direction. The photo you see here is no longer allowed at City Hall because of the danger of standing in the window, but I wanted to post it anyway because it shows off the dress quite nicely. One of the standard things we used to do with all of our clients who were willing, was to put them up in the window. It made for some great lighting and drama. City Hall has since banned this practice for safety reasons and also to protect the history of the building. We photographed this shot with a 35 mm lens and a high shutter speed to prevent the back lighting from becoming too distracting. We used one on camera flash and then an umbrella mounted on the other side. We turned both lights way down to get this semi-silhouette photo.

Slimming Bride down by turning her 3/4 to the camera - Portrait techniques

Posing the Bride as Art

Again, referring to the picture above, we like to try to make the bride look elegant and beautiful in all of our images. This can be done a number of ways, but it usually involves subtle movement of her legs, arms and hips to create a nice shape. This particular bride had some natural ability when it came to the art of posing. Notice what she is doing with her left hand. She was not directed to do that by us, she just did it on her own. This ability is innate in some people and completely absent in others. Either way, as city hall wedding photographers, it is our duty to make sure she looks amazing. We will make subtle suggestions if we feel like it will improve the final result. The photo above also is enhanced by the natural frame created by the window. Even though we can no longer place our brides and grooms in the window, we are still able to use it as a frame by placing the couple in front of it while standing on the ground. This still provides the natural frame but keeps us from getting in trouble with San Francisco city hall security staff and police. Other things we often due to to enhance bridal images involves moving the legs certain ways to give a more curvy silhouette. One of the most basic rules of portrait photography is to have the bride shift their weight to one leg or the other. Bending a knee can also yield great results. Here is a listing of some of our more common bridal posing suggestions:

  • Have bride put weight on one foot
  • Ask bride to turn 3/4 to the camera (not straight on)
  • Position brides hands in an elegant fashion
  • Turn her head towards the light source for dramatic effect
  • make sure there is empty space between her arms and her body.

Bride posing in front of County Clerk's office at SF City Hall