wedding photo taken from the 3rd floor at SF city hall
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Beautiful Bride San Francisco City Hall

We loved Nadya's princess style wedding dress, especially the texture and shape. We thought it would be great to put her in the soft window light to really highlight these attributes. In this particular photo we chose not to include the window in the photo. So you kind of know that she is looking out the window, but don't actually see it. I feel this adds a little mystery to the photo, but most importantly, provides texture due to the light coming in from the side. Shadow detail always increases when the light source comes in from an angle. In fact, all of the detail will come to light when the bride's dress is illuminated indirectly. Direct light will tend to flatten the details and hide shadows, which will tend to make the photo lifeless.

Windows and Lighting in Wedding Photography

We have talked before about the north facing windows at San Francisco City Hall. They provide the perfect natural light for professional wedding photography. When we take photos on the 3rd floor, we often do so without using any off-camera lighting, instead relying on window light. The exception to this is when there is harsher light coming through the window as can sometimes occur at a certain times during the day. The weather conditions have a lot to do with it as well. If it is foggy outside the whole lighting dynamic changes within the building. This is why it is so important to choose an experienced professional San Francisco city hall wedding photographer for your event. A person familiar with the constant changing lighting will benefit you and ultimately provide you with the best possible wedding photos. You should not leave your all important wedding pictures to chance, hire a professional! The other obvious benefit to hiring an experienced city hall wedding photographer is that they can also help you by guiding you through the San Francisco city hall wedding process.

Groom Lifting Bride Wedding Images

There a number of ways to have the groom lift the bride in the air. In addition, there quite a few things she can do while she is in the air. We always will suggest this type of picture as long as the couple is completely comfortable with doing so. Rest assured that we make very specific suggestions on how to do it and with the least amount of risk involved. If the couple shows any hesitancy at all, we will not push it. There will never be any pressure to do poses or activities that you, the couple are not sure about. However, we feel like we should at least make the suggestion when you book us for your San Francisco city hall wedding.

Below are a couple of fun examples of lifting shots. There are many more! Speaking of the lifting shots, we have had couples where the bride wanted to turn the table and lift the groom. Such a fun shot and one we enjoyed helping with. We have no problem with our couples improvising on the spot and telling us about alternative ideas they have. I have included a few samples of grooms lifting brides at the Palace of Fine Arts directly below. There are many other ways to do this and also different things that the bride can do with her legs or arms. The cheering shot directly below is more of a fun option and has a celebratory feel to it. When you see it you feel happy for the newlyweds! The other photo below focuses more on romance and intimacy. So as you can see, the brides reaction and response makes all of the difference in any lift photo. The groom is pretty much just stuck lifting!

Famous Palace of Fine Arts - Bride and groom wedding photography

Grooms lifts bride at Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco