Wedding Photography in San Francisco - City Hall Wide Angle View
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Wide Angle Wedding Photography

We often use wide angle or fish-eye lenses to take images at City Hall, which helps feature the architecture. When you go really wide, these images can sometimes be a little distorted you still get the effect of seeing just how magnificent the architecture is. Successful wedding photography isn't always about perfectly recording an accurate sense of the scene in front of you. There is also the challenge of showing the bride and groom in an artistic, creative setting. We always strive to mix it up a little so we don't display too much of any single effect. In this particular photo, we used a 16 MM fish eye lens that almost shows the entirety of San Francisco City Hall in one individual image. One of the attributes of this particular picture is the appearance of the great Dome of City Hall. Note from the photo that there are some golden colors and pink hues which add so much beauty to the photo.

San Francisco City Hall Offers so Much

This building offers so much to a wedding photographer that it can sometimes be mind boggling. The challenge is to be able to capture all that is in front of you in a artistic way, but at the same time remembering that this is a wedding that you are photographing. In other words, you need to make sure that bride and groom are featured prominently in most of the photos. It can be tempting to focus too much on the architecture so one has to be careful. We use different types of lenses throughout each of our city hall photo tours to give our clients lots of different perspectives and looks. Using, for example, a 135mm Portrait lens will tend to compress the background and focus more on the couple with less emphasis on the background. This variety helps give our clients plenty of images to choose from with completely different looks.

Despite the over-the-top distortion that is present in this image, I feel that it is an excellent depiction. It provides the viewer with an overall view of a significant portion of this building. We took this from the Rotunda area at the top of the Grand Staircase. We are pointing our camera at the happy newlyweds with the Mayor's Balcony in the background