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Romantic Posing at SF City Hall

Sometimes a romantic pose of the bride and groom can accomplish more than one single aspect of the job at hand. In this case, we wanted to show a more romantic side of the newlyweds, but also realized that we had not captured too many photos of the back of the dress. One of the challenges of showing the back of the dress is that you also are showing the back of the bride! Not that this is a bad thing, but it definitely helps to create a pose that looks natural while displaying this beautiful part of the wedding dress. At the very least, it is sometimes nice to show her profile and not just the back of her head. This is the challenge when trying to get a winning image of back of the wedding gown.

Natural Poses Work Best

Rather than just put the couple in contrived poses with the idea of showing off the wedding dress, we feel like it is better to have the couple moving in some way. There are a number of ways to do this to create the best effect. For this San Francisco city hall wedding shoot, we had lots of opportunities to do just that. The couple booked us for one of our larger packages so we had plenty of time to work on accomplishing this goal. The pose above is just one of these ways, but there are so many others. Let's list some of our favorite ideas for displaying the entire brides dress and some of its attributes

  • Bride standing with flowers to her side and looking down at them
  • Bride and groom walking away from camera and interacting - looking at each other
  • Bride and groom dancing around the room and rotating
  • Bride holding dress out and spinning back and forth - this displays the movement of the gown
  • Groom holding brides hand as she spins in circles and looks at him each time around
  • Portrait of Groom as he holds bride - Angled from her back

As mentioned, because this couple booked a longer package we were able to give them a very nice variety of photographic selections including some of the ones listed above. We are happy to work with you to find the best possible package for your wedding to provide you with a combination of good value for your money, but still allowing for enough time to create the type of wedding pictures you desire.

Fun wedding photography on the 4th floor

Friend having fun with bride and groom at San Francisco city hall

Fun shots like the 2 images above, really round out a wedding album in a nice way