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City Hall Couple from Germany

Natural Window Light at SF City Hall

We used a subtle amount of window light in this photo that highlights the bride's wedding dress. This happens to be one of our favorite locations for photography at San Francisco City Hall. There is nothing spectacular about the background, but the light is always great here. The window is facing North which usually gives some very nice indirect light. This type of natural lighting tends to be much easier to work with than more direct sunlight coming in through a window. It is for this reason that most professional photography studios love to have north facing windows in their studios. In fact, this is even true for art studios where people are painting and not doing photography. All artists understand that North facing windows are special and result in beautiful soft light. Adding even more interest to the photo above is the fact that we used sepia tone to deliver this wedding image. The combination of natural light and sepia tone makes for a beautiful wedding photo. We kept the pose simple and yet it says a lot about the relationship between the bride and the groom. Whenever we have a bride wearing a mid length wedding dress we like to pose her with leg movement and shoes showing in a unique way. It can be pointless to do much of this with a long wedding dress, but it works great with wedding attire such as this.