Holiday Kiss at San Francisco City Hall in Black and White
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Black and White Colorization Photography

Let's discuss another type of special effect that we like to do sometimes for our City Hall brides and grooms. We like to call it selective colorization. The photo is converted to black and white but we leave some color in the final image. In most cases we leave the color in the flowers maybe the bride's lips or sometimes even the grooms flower. This special effect is very popular with our newlywed couples, they always compliment us on this special edit. Again, as we always say, we try not to overdo these kinds of wedding images. This one just happens to be our favorite and you can see from the photo above how interesting it looks. It stands to reason that if you want to make a color stand out you change everything else to something neutral. That is what we did here by making everything in the image black and white except the bouquet which is sitting on the City Hall window sill. If we had not done this effect you probably would not have even noticed the bouquet resting in the background. However, in the image above, your eye goes right to the bouquet and then quickly to the bride and groom kissing which is a very nice transition. We chose to do this image in front of the third floor window at San Francisco City Hall because we knew the back light provided by the window would create a interesting talking point.

Typical Wedding Photography Coverage at SF City Hall

We provided this couple with check-in coverage and then full ceremony photos. After the ceremony we took them on a City Hall photo tour around the building and we extended this to all 4 floors. After we were done at City Hall it was on to the Palace of Fine Arts to create some more memorable images for the couple. Once we arrived at the Palace, we took the couple around to our favorites photo spots. There are so many great places to take pictures at the Palace of Fine Arts that we usually run out of time before we run out of potential photo backgrounds. There are a few "must have" photos at this location and one of them for us includes taking a picture of the couple in front of the fountain and the building. Once we do that we will walk around the pond and go out into the back of the palace and get some pictures in among the trees, plants, and giant columns. These columns can end up looking a little bit on the pink side in terms of color at certain times of the day. These newlyweds opted for our comfortable transportation so we took them back to their reception venue after we finished our palace of fine arts shoot. We always love taking our City Hall couples to various destinations in the San Francisco area. UPDATE: For the time being, we are unable to provide this type of Transportation due to Covid-19 but this should change soon. We also took them to the Golden Gate Bridge for some nice finishing shots.

Special effect wedding photography in San Francisco, California