Candid Kiss at the SF Palace of Fine Arts with Bride and Groom
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SF Palace of Fine Arts

Palace of Fine Arts Sneak Peek

This photo gives the impression that the couple is hiding away within the trees and sneaking a kiss. Photos like this give a different look and make it seem like the photographer is taking candid photos of the bride and groom . This image was taken at San Francisco's famous Palace of Fine Arts. The Palace of Fine Arts continues to be one of our newlyweds favorite places to go after their wedding. Once we have completed the City Hall photo tour, many of our couples want to go to the Palace of Fine Arts. There are so many options for pictures at this great location that we like to refer to as POFA. You have a choice of architecture photos, outdoor photos of water, and photos like this one, within the trees. It really is one of the more versatile San Francisco wedding destinations that we take our couples to for photos. One of the other things we rarely talk about with regard to San Francisco wedding photography is the fact that visiting some of these places also qualifies as a nice way to spend the day. It’s not all about wedding photography and getting great pictures. The newlyweds should also be enjoying their day and making memories. What better way to do that then to spend the afternoon walking around the Palace of Fine Arts? This is why we never rush our couples while performing a photo shoot. We want them to enjoy the experience and see the sights. The one exception to this is when the couple themselves are in a rush because they have dinner reservations which they do sometimes. For this photography session the couple was not rushed and we had time to get some great images. Always allow plenty of time when making dinner reservations after your San Francisco city hall wedding celebration. You don't want to be rushed! Unfortunately, city hall wedding ceremonies can often run overtime so you need that cushion.

Bride and groom exchanging vows - wedding photography

Best Reasons to Take Wedding Pictures at the Palace of Fine Arts:

  • Convenient location out of downtown traffic flow
  • Ample parking during the week
  • Only 15 minute drive from San Francisco City Hall
  • Wide Variety of photo backgrounds.
  • Historic Location is meaningful to many of our clients
  • Great Architecture for wedding photography
  • Fun place for couple to wander around

Groom looking at his bride with love during their city hall nuptials