Winter at San Francisco City Hall - Low Sun Creates Pattern
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Winter Lighting at San Francisco City Hall

Photos like this are only available during certain time of the year. This is because the sun position doesn't always allow the light to shine in directly to certain floors. In the winter time, the sun travels lower along the horizon which does provide more direct light. As long as it is not foggy in San Francisco, the sun is always bringing beautiful light into the building, but there is a big difference between the quality of light. A lower sun position will create harsher and patterned light coming through the window with only the glass making it softer. The photo above is a great example of how this can work. In this case, the sunlight is shining right on the couple, but it is not overly harsh. This picture was taken on the South side of the building which frequently will allow for shots like this which create a "modeling" affect on the bride and groom. If I remember correctly, this shot was in direct sunlight, but it was slightly hazy that particular wedding day. This gave the light just enough filtering to create this fantastic image. Lighting is really the whole key to wedding photography. Whenever you see a photo that really strikes you as amazing, chances are the lighting is dramatic in some way. Perhaps it is over the top lighting or maybe it just subtle. Either way, light can make or break a wedding photography image. It is no different at San Francisco city hall! What I love about this building is that offers so many options in terms of lighting, both natural and using flash. The way we use professional lighting at city hall is in a very subtle way so you really don't even know that lighting was used, but the results are better because of it.

LGBTQ Brides at San Francisco city hall celebrating their recent nuptials

Another use of SF City Hall windows to create fun images. The brides were celebrating their nuptials in this photo and I placed them in front of the cool windows on the 3rd floor.

Dramatic lighting in front of City Hall Textured window in San Francisco

Yet another way to use these beautiful SF city hall patterned windows to enhance the couples wedding photography images. We also placed a remote flash behind them to make it even more dramatic. That strategically placed light is what is creating the beautiful glow in the brides veil and the train of her gown.