Bridal Profile Image in the San Francisco City Hall 3rd Floor North Window
San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer

Dramatic Bridal Portrait Photography

One of our favorite bridal portraits at San Francisco City Hall because of drama and texture. This profile shot was photographed without any lighting whatsoever. The rain outside helped create the mood and also assisted with making it a silhouette profile shot. It would have been nearly impossible if it would have been a brightly lit day at SF City Hall. Good wedding photography comes from making the most of the situation you are presented with. We approach every city hall wedding by trying to make the most of whatever challenges or opportunities face us that day. One of the things I particularly like about this image is the fact that it combines texture with a silhouette image. Normally silhouettes have no texture and are relatively flat, but in this image both are present. It's nice when adverse weather conditions can actually make a photograph better. When I was traveling to SF city hall that morning, I was unhappy because of the pouring rain. I figured it would ruin part of the shoot. I could not have been more wrong! Not only did it help with this photo, but the rain actually stopped when it was time to head outside. All in all, an amazing city hall wedding with a great bride and groom. San Francisco city hall wedding photographers need to always be flexible and ready for anything. The best ones are able to adapt to these kinds of changing situations and make better photos because of it. The photo below was taken on a great day with perfect weather at the Palace of Fine Arts. Quickly after the bride and groom's San Francisco city hall wedding was over we went right into formal photos of them around the building. The couple was very willing to work with us and did a wonderful job posing. As you can see below, the newlyweds make a beautiful couple.

The incredible Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco - Wedding Photography

Asian Couple posing at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco