Candid photo of bride and groom after wedding ceremony
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Candid Wedding Image

This photo was taken just after the happy couple left their San Francisco city hall ceremony and were newly married. As they put a little distance between them and the guests, the groom kissed the bride on the hand. I was waiting for him to do something fun and he did! At the last minute he glanced over to me, which adds to the photo. When photographing any type of wedding, especially a San Francisco city hall marriage, it's important to always be ready to catch moments like this. Why is City Hall any different? The ceremonies are often very short, giving you very little time to get good candid photos. It's important to catch them when they occur! The other issue with city hall from a wedding photographers standpoint, is that there are many ways to enter to exit the ceremonies for the reserved weddings. As a photographer, you have to be ready for any possible path they might take.

Documentary city hall ceremony in San Francisco

San Francisco city hall ceremony fun!

Documentary Style Photography

There are usually no wedding receptions at San Francisco city hall, but it is still possible to catch special moments. Obviously, a wedding reception is one of the best places to record candid images, with all of the laughter and tears that occur. In addition, you have many opportunities such as the cake cutting, the bouquet toss and of course, dancing. The newlyweds interacting with their guests also presents some great chances to catch some fun Documentary style photography. The other name you will hear quite frequently for this style of photography is Wedding Photojournalism. Just another way of saying that you, as the photographer are trying to tell the story of the day in pictures. So how do we do it for a City Hall wedding? It just takes a bit more thought and creativity. We try to not spend the entire photo shoot posing the bride and groom in front of various backgrounds in the building. Instead, we make sure to set aside some time to allow the couple to interact and just have fun. A wedding day should be about having a great time and making memories. Not just making great wedding pictures!

Candid type of city hall wedding photography image in San Francisco

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