Wedding Photographer San Francisco City Hall - Dance Moves
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City Hall Dance Moves

I loved the attire that this bride and groom wore for their city hall nuptials. It seemed to say, lets dance! So Toni, had them do some dance moves and photographed the action. Images like this provide the viewer with a sense of movement, which is key to creating a compelling professional image. The important thing with an image like this is to make sure that the couple enjoys dancing and wants to do it. I would not want to force a couple into doing a dance move pose if they were uncomfortable with it. Sometimes we will start the conversation out with this question: Do you both like to dance? If the answer comes back with an emphatic "yes!" then we will definitely move forward with the posing. However, if the couple seems hesitant or uneasy, then we may not push it. In this instance the newlyweds really loved dancing and it certainly showed in the final result. The other issue worth discussing in this case is how the bride and groom react to the finished product. My feeling is that if they love dancing, then they will really enjoy this type of image. However, if they were pushing into doing it and don't feel natural, they will see the photo and be reminded of their mutual discomfort. The best city hall wedding photographers take all of these kinds of things into consideration before suggesting a pose for the bride and groom.

Dance dip at the bottom of the Grand Staircase at SF City Hall

Dance dip with a kiss on the bottom of the Grand Staircase at San Francisco City Hall