Wedding Photography Dance Twirl at San Francisco City Hall
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Dance Twirl at SF City Hall

This black and white image displays the beauty of the Bride's dress as she twirls. There exists many ways to show off a beautiful wedding gown and movement of some sort is one of these ways. Not all wedding dresses twirl well, but I am sure you agree that this one did! We offer our brides and grooms a significant number of Black and White images to go with their standard color ones. We often choose images that are more candid in nature for our B&W conversions. They just seem to work better.

Challenges of Dance Poses in Wedding Photography

Often times our couples will request pictures of them dancing at City Hall. This is especially true of our brides and grooms who actually do a lot of ball room dancing. In other cases, we will be the ones to suggest our couple go into a dancing type of pose. As with any action shot, the challenge of capturing a great image is to make sure the final result portrays movement. If you are reading this and thinking this should be easy, just take stop action shots and the picture will show movement. Sometimes that is true, but other times it just looks like the couple is frozen in place. The key to showing movement in a still photo is to catch moments where something in the frame is out of place. For example, when you spin in a wedding dress, the train comes out and moves in the air. Catch that moment and you have a winning photo. Hair or veils flying around will also portray this type of movement in a still photo. The key thing to look for before taking the picture is anything flying around that wouldn't normally be moving in a static image.

Above and below are a couple more wedding pictures taken at San Francisco city hall that depict movement.