Wedding Photography at San Francisco City Hall
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San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photography

Virtually every bride and groom that has their wedding at San Francisco City Hall  wants a photo on the Grand Staircase.   On busy days, the staircase can be loaded with tourists and other  newly married couples hoping for a great photo.  When we photograph weddings in this building we try to keep an eye on the staircase hoping that it will clear for just a moment allowing us to get a shot like the one above.  You can't tell from this photo, but moments after this shot was taken, the stairs were full again with people  It's all about timing and perhaps a little bit of luck.  To make this photo, we used 2 lights, one on the camera that was bounced against the back side wall and then an off-camera flash aimed right at the bride's veil.  This is one of the ways we get a nice glow on the veil.  We shot this photograph with a 16-35 Nikon F4.0 zoom lens with vibration reduction.  I hand held the camera at 1/10 of a second.  Pretty easy to do with the technology built into modern equipment.  

Summary of Image Attributes:

  • Highlighted veil
  • Groom bending the bride back slightly
  • Reflection of the lights on floor
  • Symetry of image which matches architecture