Colette and Stephen’s Wedding

We really enjoyed our day with Colette and Stephen.  Colette wore a spectacular red wedding dress which had heads turning throughout city hall.  The happy couple got married in front of family and friends in the beautiful Rotunda on a typically busy Thursday afternoon at San Francisco City Hall.   Fortunately, they choose a very late 3:30 ceremony time and so by the time their wedding was over and the family pictures were complete, things were starting to slow down around the building.  We highly recommend late ceremonies to take advantage of the fact that people start to vacate the building as it gets closer to 5:00 pm.  This is especially important on busy days at city hall like Thursdays and Fridays.

With a fair amount of free rein as we completed our building tour, we were able to get some amazing photos with not too many people around.  The couple had opted for our very popular Golden Gate package which provides them with 2.5 hours of coverage and 1 location after city hall.  They chose one of our favorite spots for their location, Woodline in the Presidio.  Woodline is a deep forest area in the Presidio that has a fairly wide cut-through opening where many trees were taken down.  The name Woodline comes from the fact that many of these trees were lined up in a zigzag pattern all the way down the cut-through. We thought that Colette’s dress would work perfectly with the background because of the beautiful red color and as you can see it did!  We provided the happy couple with convenient transportation to the Presidio location and then took them to their celebration dinner party.

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