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Please click on any of the images below to view a full SF City Hall Wedding gallery! See below for detailed descriptions. Click here to check out our most RECENT GALLERY From 2019

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Gallery Krista and TateGallery Andrea and NoelDancing bride and groom at San Francisco City Hall

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Wedding Gallery Details

Our wedding gallery page offers you samples of recent weddings photographed by City Hall Wedding Photography by Michael. The City Hall weddings available to view on this page are specific events and not compilation galleries. Some also have certain themes like our detailed description of the ceremony check-in procedure. Andrea and Noel is a gallery of just one wedding and was photographed over this past Christmas season at city hall. One of our favorite couples of 2016 was Charlene and Sandra a fun loving Weddings - Sandra and Charlene. Krista and Tate got married at city hall for the New Year of 2017. Krista looked beautiful in her formal wedding dress. We just love when our couples go all out with their formal attire. Nadya and Leo were an extremely romantic couple and made posing them easy. We took them all over San Francisco after they booked our City Tour package. Please check out their Slideshow Video. We took Sarah and Toby to the Presidio in San Francisco after shooting their wedding. Some of the photos featured in the gallery include one of our favorite places in the Presidio called Woodline. Woodline is a beautiful clearing in the San Francisco Presidio woods.

Recent City Hall Wedding Photography

This section features marriages from this past year. This 2019 gallery was from a city hall wedding with a fun couple from Germany and we just also added another fantastic bride and groom - Angela and Michael. Included in the Angela and Michael wedding are some photos overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. Our most recent gallery was just from this past month and it features a wonderful wedding we photographed at SF City Hall and then followed by a trip to North Beach and other locations in San Francisco. Our fun wedding couple struck us as a great portfolio to feature because the couple was so energetic and happy. The bride loved to pose for the camera and we really got some amazing shots. Luca and Christine wanted to explore as much of San Francisco as we could in the 4 hour package that they booked. We took them to Russian Hill, The Palace of Fine Arts and the Golden Gate Bridge and had a great time at each location. Luca promised to help me with my Italian! We really try to make the San Francisco Tour Wedding a complete experience and not just a wedding photo shoot. Frequently our couples have the time to just walk around the city like they were tourists and we just photograph this experience. We enjoy taking people on this tour and this positive attitude reflects in our work. To view any of these galleries please click the link. To see our San Francisco Tour of Phoebe and Sean please click the link, fun couple that we took to the Legion of Honor. Another recent gallery features a great couple at their military city hall wedding. With Christmas recently behind us, I figured I would put up Weddings - Christmas Wedding. Check all of these galleries out!

About Our Galleries

The galleries above represent our best effort to show our clients a wide variety of wedding coverage. We have combined videos, ceremonies, formal photos and even check-in activities. We have tried hard to not just show you a greatest hits compilation from our best weddings, but a true cross section of the types of marriages we photograph at San Francisco city hall every week. We feel that it is very important that you have a true understanding of how your own wedding pictures will come out. Looking at a compilation collection 1 photo from each wedding doesn't really give you that understanding, so we provide you at least 10 and often much more. We are one of the most experienced professional San Francisco City Hall wedding photographers and we would love the opportunity to help make your memories. When looking at other wedding photography galleries always insist on seeing a representative sample of 1 full wedding! Seeing the best shot from each wedding does give you an idea of just what the photographer is capable of and that is useful. But you really need to see it all!