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City Hall Wedding Galleries

Please click on any of the images below to view a full SF City Hall Wedding gallery! See below for detailed descriptions. Click here to explore our most RECENT GALLERY From 2020.

City Hall Marriage
Palace of Fine Arts
San Francisco Tour
Gallery Krista and Tate

SF Photo Tour

LGBTQ Brides

North Beach Wed
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Christmas Wedding

Golden Gate Package

Presido Woodline
Gallery Andrea and NoelGallery Image DanceGallery Sara and Toby

Same Sex Wedding

Fun SF Wedding

Holiday Wedding
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Romantic Couple

German Couple

San Francisco Wedding
Gallery romantic bride and groomGallery couple from Germany

Military Wedding

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Engagement Sessions
Bride and Groom Posing for Engagement Photography Session

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Wedding Gallery Details

Our San Francisco wedding gallery page offers you samples of recent marriages photographed by SF City Hall Wedding Photography by Michael. The City Hall weddings available to view on this page are specific events and not compilation galleries (with one exception). Some also have certain themes, which are apparent from the descriptions posted. For example, we provide a detailed description of the ceremony check-in procedure but accompany it with photographs to help you visualize the process. UPDATE: The check-in process has changed a little bit since the reopening of City Hall after the Pandemic. However, you still need to start at the County Clerk's office. The Wedding of Andrea and Noel is another gallery of just one complete wedding and was photographed over this past Christmas season at city hall. One of our favorite couples of 2018 was Charlene and Sandra. They were a fun loving couple that we had such a great time with. To see their gallery click Weddings - Sandra and Charlene.

Krista and Tate got married at SF city hall for the New Year of 2018. Krista looked beautiful in her formal wedding dress. We just love when our couples go all out with their formal attire. We enjoyed utilizing her veil for various poses and pictures. Nadya and Leo were an extremely romantic couple and this made posing them easy. In fact, many of the poses you see in their gallery were created by them. We took them all over San Francisco after they booked our San Francisco City Tour package. Please check out their Slideshow Video. We escorted Sarah and Toby to the Presidio in San Francisco after shooting their wedding at City Hall. Some of the photos featured in their gallery include one of our favorite places in the Presidio called Woodline. Woodline is a beautiful clearing in the San Francisco Presidio woods right along side of the Famous Lover's Lane. It's a fabulous place for wedding pictures or engagement sessions, especially if you enjoy natural settings with trees. Sarah and Toby wanted something outdoorsy and the San Francisco Presidio was the perfect solution.

Recent City Hall Wedding Photography

This section features marriages from this past year. This 2019 gallery was from a city hall wedding with a fun couple from Germany and we just also added another fantastic bride and groom - Angela and Michael. Included in the Angela and Michael wedding album are some photos overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge from Crissy Field. One recent gallery features a wonderful wedding we photographed at SF City Hall and then followed by a trip to North Beach and other locations in San Francisco. Our fun wedding couple struck us as a great portfolio to feature because the couple was so energetic and happy. The bride loved to pose for the camera and we really obtained some amazing images. Luca and Christine wanted to explore as much of San Francisco as we could within the 4 hour timeframe of the package they selected. We took them to Russian Hill, The Palace of Fine Arts and the Golden Gate Bridge and had a great time at each location. Luca promised to help me with my Italian and he actually did a little! I mentioned to him that I have been studying the language for a long time.

San Francisco Photo Tour Weddings

We really try to make the San Francisco Tour Wedding a complete experience and not just a wedding photo shoot. Frequently our couples have the time to just walk around the city like they were tourists and we just photograph this experience. We enjoy taking people on this tour and this positive attitude reflects in our work. To view any of these galleries please click the appropriate link. Another San Francisco Tour was booked by Phoebe and Sean please click on their names to view their gallery. A very fun couple that we took to the Legion of Honor and elsewhere in SF. Another recent gallery features a great couple at their military city hall wedding. With Christmas recently behind us, I figured I would put up This amazing Christmas Wedding. We would love it if you check all of these galleries out! If you are interested in including a San Francisco Engagement session, here are some sample photos. Please ask us about our affordable packages that also include Engagement Portrait sessions in San Francisco. UPDATE: We are temporarily unable to provide transportation due to Covid-19 caution.

About Our San Francisco Galleries

The galleries above represent our best effort to show our future Brides and Grooms a wide variety of wedding coverage. We have combined videos, ceremonies, formal photos and even check-in procedures to ensure you witness all the possible city hall activities. We have attempted to not just show you a greatest hits compilation from our best weddings, but instead we present a true cross section of the types of marriages we photograph at San Francisco city hall every week. We feel that it is very important that you have a thorough understanding of how your own wedding pictures will turn out. Reviewing a compilation collection of 1 photo from each different wedding doesn't really give you that understanding, so we provide you at least 10 pictures per wedding and often much more.

Experienced City Hall Wedding Photographers

We are one of the most experienced professional San Francisco City Hall wedding photographers and we would love the opportunity to help make your memories. When looking at other wedding photography galleries always insist on seeing a representative sample of one full wedding! Seeing the best shot from each wedding may give you an idea of just what the photographer is capable of and that is somewhat useful. However, you really need to see it all and from one single wedding. I recently remember being in awe of a certain bay area wedding photographer's portfolio pictures. Unfortunately, when I saw a few complete wedding albums, it was evident that the highlights were just that. We invite your comments and suggestions regarding our Gallery Portfolio pages.

Wedding Photography as Art

There exists many different types of Art in the world and photography is just one of them. But within the photography world, weddings were not always thought of as true art. Quite fortunately, this has changed. With the new emphasis on documentary wedding photography all of the rules have been altered. Before, it was just enough to deliver sharp colorful wedding photos to the newlyweds and you were considered a successful professional wedding photographer. The current technology available with digital photography and lighting has allowed the best wedding photographers to push the envelope more when it comes to artistic image production. Couples now expect creative wedding images with dramatic lighting and unique poses. The ability to instantly see the results of each capture has allowed us to take more chances with lighting and dramatic posing. Fortunately, being a professional city hall wedding photographer gives us many advantages in this regard. We already have some of the most artistic architectural backgrounds imaginable and amazing natural light streaming in from all directions. It is our job as photography artists to capture this, but still remember that the photos are mostly about the bride and groom. Yes, the bar has been raised when it comes to art in wedding photography and we think it's a great thing! We invite you to check out our City Hall galleries and evaluate our work not only as documentary wedding photography but also as art.

How to Learn From Our Wedding Galleries

I know that it may seem obvious how to use our galleries to choose us as your city hall wedding photographer. However, we have found over the years that our potential clients do not always look at the most appropriate gallery for their wedding and situation. We figured this out by talking to them over the years and answering questions that we thought they would already know. We found that without exception our future brides and grooms looked at wedding galleries at the top of the page and then worked their way down until they had seen enough to make a decision. As your future San Francisco city hall wedding photographers, we would advise you to look at the people, theme and time of year that best matches your wedding and focus on those galleries. If you are planning a Christmas wedding, then choose a gallery that represents that. Getting married in the summer? Look at summer weddings with outdoor photography included perhaps. We offer you a wide variety of galleries for this reason.