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Affordable Wedding Photographer

City Hall Weddings can be Affordable

Deciding to have your wedding at San Francisco city hall can be super affordable. You get all the beauty and historic significance of this amazing building and even inexpensive wedding photographer options. Prices and packages can all be custom fit to your own needs with a budget in mind.

Great Wedding Value

San Francisco City Hall Weddings are a great value! Where else can you have access to an amazingly beautiful Wedding Venue for under $100? Yes, it is true! It only costs $83 to have your wedding in the Rotunda area in city hall and the County Clerk even provides a free Wedding Officiant to perform your ceremony. This price does not include the Marriage license, but you have to get that anyway. They call these officiants Deputy Marriage Commissioners and they dress up in robes and look like judges. The fact that they are all volunteers is unknown to many, but it is part of the reason that you can get married in this building for such a great price. Many of the other venues available throughout San Francisco can cost thousands of dollars and still do not match the beauty of City Hall. The obvious downside of City Hall weddings is that you have to share the building with the general public, but even this is not such a terrible thing. In this wedding photographer’s opinion, it can be part of the fun. The only problem comes when City Hall schedules a special event on your wedding day. However, with the Pandemic still fresh in everyone's memory, events are still not occurring yet. Even when there is an event, you can go to other places and still have a nice wedding ceremony. It makes sense to book an experienced City Hall wedding photographer to help you navigate through these potential issues. Most of these photographers are also inexpensive and offer discounts.

Convenient Wedding Receptions

A big part of the expense of any San Francisco wedding is the reception. When you book a wedding you generally need a venue that can supply you with both a place to get married and also somewhere to eat. The exception to this is if you get married in a church. Obviously, if you are planning on a church wedding, this article doesn’t apply. What many of our City Hall clients like to do is schedule their city hall nuptials in the Rotunda and then book us for wedding photography after. Meanwhile, their guests gather at one of the many nearby restaurants that specialize in city hall wedding receptions. There are many fantastic places to celebrate and all our walking distance away from San Francisco city hall. We have mentioned these eateries in other blog posts, please refer to Places to Eat Near City Hall for more details. Food costs can be such a large part of your wedding budget. Booking a wedding at San Francisco city hall could help this become less of an issue. It can be fun for the couple to walk to the reception with all of the attention from people on the streets.

Inexpensive City Hall Wedding Photography

This is one of the key features of city hall wedding affordability. One of the major expenses of any wedding is the professional wedding photographer. The best photographers in San Francisco can run anywhere from $2,000 up to $6,000 for full wedding coverage. These same wedding photographers offer their services to City Hall brides and groom for a fraction of this cost. Many San Francisco City Hall photographers have discount pricing that starts at $500. Yes, you are only getting them for an hour or 2, but that is really all you need. The most experienced professionals will take you on a tour of the building and follow that up with the chance to be driven around San Francisco for more photos. A fantastic opportunity to work with some of the most accomplished wedding photographers in the Bay Area at this very picturesque venue! This saves your thousands of dollars potentially and with no loss in picture quality. In addition, the nature of city hall weddings allows plenty of time for photography!

Here are a few samples of the types of photos you can get at this amazing venue. Please explore the rest of our site and see the many other portfolio albums and pictures available for you to view. We strive to give you the most economical prices and packages available at SF City Hall. Also, please ask us about our discount pricing for Veterans and others.