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San Francisco City Hall Wedding Packages

When comparing prices with other SF City Hall wedding photographers it is VERY important to make sure you read the details. Others may LIMIT the number of image files they deliver to the newlyweds. We include ALL of the images! The prices below are for Week-Day packages.

"City Hall Elopement"

1 Hour of Photographic Coverage
City Hall Interior and Exterior Photos
Fully Edited High Resolution Jpeg Images
Full Rights to ALL of the Jpeg Image Files
For Eloping Couples with no Guests
Private Website for Viewing and Downloading Image Files
You Receive ALL Image Files (approximately 150 Jpeg images)
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"City Hall PLUS"

1.5 Hours+ of Photographic Coverage
City Hall Interior and Exterior Photos
Fully Edited High Resolution Jpeg Images
Full Rights to ALL of the Jpeg Image Files
Family and Friend Photos Included
Private Website for Viewing and Downloading Image Files
You Receive ALL Image Files (approximately 200 Jpeg images)
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"Golden Gate Package"

2.5 Hours of Photographic Coverage
City Hall Interior and Exterior Photos
1 Additional San Francisco Location
Fully Edited High Resolution Jpeg Images
Full Rights to ALL of the Jpeg Image Files
Family and Friends Photos and Interaction Included
Private Website for Viewing and Downloading Image Files
You Receive ALL Image Files (approximately 300 Jpeg images)
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"San Francisco Package"

4 Hours of Photographic Coverage
City Hall Interior and Exterior Photos
3 Additional San Francisco Locations
Fully Edited High Resolution Jpeg Images
Full Rights to ALL of the Jpeg Image Files
Private Website for Viewing and Downloading Image Files
You Receive ALL Image Files (approximately 400 Jpeg images)
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"Storybook Album"

24 Page Flush Mount Wedding Album (42 Images)
4 hours of Photographic Coverage
11X14 Mounted Wall Portrait
City Hall Interior and Exterior Photos
3 Additional San Francisco Locations
Fully Edited High Resolution Jpeg Images
Full Rights to ALL of the Jpeg Image Files
Private Website for Viewing and Downloading Image Files
You Receive ALL Image Files (approximately 400 Jpeg images)
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"Ultimate Romance"

Full Wedding Photography Coverage!
Includes City Hall, SF Photo Tour and Reception
Professional Wedding Album with 50 Photos
11X14 Mounted Wall Portrait
6 Hours Maximum Coverage
Fully Edited High Resolution Jpeg Images
Full Rights to ALL of the Jpeg Image Files
Private Website for Viewing and Downloading Image Files
You Receive ALL Image Files (approximately 750 Jpeg images)
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Click here for our Limited Availability packages: Ceremony Only and Virtual

Receive ALL of your Wedding Digital Image Files

When comparing our prices and packages to other San Francisco city hall wedding photographers, be sure those studios are offering full legal access to ALL of the digital image files and not limiting how many photos you are able to keep. Our digital image files are Full Resolution, fully edited, and are not water marked. All packages include full reproduction rights. This includes the rights to share your pictures on Social Media and Websites. It also gives you the legal right to make your own prints or wedding album from our full resolution Jpeg images. This includes professional photo labs as well, there are no restrictions.

There are no hidden charges or surprises with any of our packages. Some other SF city hall photographers only allow you to download a predetermined and limited number of image files. I recently saw a city hall photographer who only provides their clients with 25 images! Those images were actually chosen by the photographer and not the couple (this is rare). We have NO LIMITATIONS! You receive all of the Jpeg image files we take at the wedding (as long as they turned out).

Affordable City Hall Wedding Photography Packages

Click the link to see what makes our San Francisco City Hall packages so affordable. Remember, true affordability is not just reflected in lower prices, it's more about what you receive for what you pay! Even though we are not the most inexpensive picture taker, we feel that we provide our clients with tremendous value for their dollar. Insist on keeping ALL of the photos from your wedding! Does your wedding photographer have a better idea than you do which photos you would prefer to keep? Doubtful! The above packages are for week-days only. Weekend pricing will be a bit higher, email us for details if you have a Saturday, San Francisco city hall wedding. We have photographed quite a few and have the insurance requirements needed by the City Hall Events department. NOTE: We do NOT include Raw Files and they are not available to our clients.

Special Engagement and Wedding Photography Package

We recently added a new City Hall wedding photography package to our many offerings. We call it our City Hall PLUS Engagement package. This affordable city hall wedding photography package includes 1.5 hours of coverage combined with a separate day engagement portrait session. The engagement session can take place anywhere in San Francisco and includes up to 1 hour of photographic coverage with 2 locations (if they are not too far apart.) We will make exceptions and do the sessions outside of San Francisco, but it will be priced accordingly depending upon your chosen location and coverage time.

Engagement sessions will normally be done with more casual clothing and a much looser environment. We like to keep the session fun and will do a lot less posing and encourage more interactive behavior during the engagement shoot. However, if you prefer a more formal portrait session, we can do that too. Listed below are some example of the types of pictures we like to create for a typical San Francisco engagement portrait session:

  • Casual walking shots, couple hand-in-hand. Laughing, kissing and just strolling along!
  • Park Bench interaction - the couple just sits and talks. They are encouraged to be playful if they want.
  • Light shoving matches where the couple playfully push each other and laugh. We get some great ones!
  • Piggy back rides or other types of lifting by the groom (or the bride, LOL). Why not?
  • Walking barefoot on the beach and ignoring the camera, couples looks at each other or ahead.
  • Street photography in downtown San Francisco or other busy area. We just follow you around.
  • Stopping for a drink at a local Restaurant or bar in the City (can we have one too?) Just kidding.
  • This can even be done at city hall, even though it may be a bit redundant
  • Jumping shots or running on the beach. Especially Baker Beach!

Quinceanera Photography Prices

We also offer Quinceanera portrait photography sessions at San Francisco city hall. We have added a Spanish Speaking assistant just for this purpose and to also help with weddings. Her name is Bianca and she has been working with us since 2023. Due to the uniqueness of each photo session, we suggest you use our Quince Photo Request form to determine pricing and packages. This will allow you to provide us all of the details regarding your celebration. Some clients will want the entire celebration photographed and others are just looking for a photo session with the family, but featuring your daughter or niece.

Flexible SF City Hall Wedding Photography Pricing

We have listed our most popular week-day packages, but many of our clients request a custom San Francisco city hall Package. We can provide you with any level of coverage you need, including packages with Wedding Reception coverage, an optional Wedding Album or an engagement session as you saw above. We are happy to respond to your custom price quote request. So if you do not see the right package for you on our price list, just ask us for something different. Just let us know the level of coverage you want (How many hours, locations, wedding album options, etc.) We will respond back to you quickly with a price and package to fit your individual needs. We want to provide you with the best city hall wedding photography available at any price.

One very popular custom package falls right between our Golden Gate Package and our San Francisco Package. We sometimes call it our Golden Gate PLUS package and it provides you with 2 locations after San Francisco city hall and the cost is $1,095. Total coverage time is right around 3.25 hours. We can provide you with other options similar to this one. San Francisco City Hall also offers weekend ceremonies, please email us for our special weekend pricing. Wedding albums can be added to any package (or purchased later as an option, see below for details. We know that weddings, (even the city hall variety) can be expensive and we are here to help. Just let us know what we can do to make the financial part of this more affordable and easier to pay. We offer gradual payment plans for those who prefer it. We can set up monthly payments leading up to your wedding with a final payment 2 weeks AFTER the wedding. For more information on how to get married at SF City Hall please click.

All wedding couples must check in before their city hall ceremony occurs

Optional SF City Hall Wedding Albums

We proudly offer one of the most beautiful professional albums in the Wedding Photography industry. Our custom made "Epoca" San Francisco City Hall wedding albums are designed by us with photos chosen by you! Your standard 28-page Flush Mount Panoramic album will be 8X11 inches in size and contain 40 images (or more if you prefer). You may also choose the beautiful full length cover photo that will adorn this amazing book. Don't put your romantic wedding images on a forgotten hard drive or USB somewhere! Display your memories on your coffee table with this gorgeous City Hall wedding album. The price is $440 and includes everything listed above except shipping costs to you. We do NOT mark up our shipping costs. What we pay is what you will pay. No "handling" charges are ever billed. Some of our clients prefer to pick up the album in person, and that's fine too!

This book is INCLUDED in the "Storybook Album" and the "Ultimate Romance" package listed on this page (see above). Each of these packages include the same album but with a few more photos. We have also recently created another package that includes this beautiful wedding album. We call it the "City Hall Premium Album" package. It comes with this book for the cost of $1,095. This package is basically our City Hall PLUS package with an album included. You save $40 by ordering this book in advance to go along with your package. Other sizes and price levels are available, just ask! We also offer leather 12X12 albums for those brides and grooms who want a truly elegant album. For more information about our Premium Album package, please contact us.

The Best Reasons to Order our City Hall Wedding Album

Yes, you can make your own album with our image files, but will you? Will it be this high quality? These are the realistic questions you need to ask yourself when making the decision to purchase our wedding album. I can honestly say that every one of my clients has been thrilled to receive this classic professional wedding album that is made in Italy. Many more have told us that they fully intended to make their own wedding album, but never got around to it. This is very common with brides and grooms because things become very busy after marriage! Purchasing homes, having kids, and other distractions relegate making your own album to the back burner. Let us handle the whole thing for you from start to finish. We will get it done fast and efficiently. We have had many city hall couples come back to us years after their wedding asking us to do an album for them. They obviously were never able to get around to it.

We will handle the whole thing for you and prepare it for your approval. We create the design and send you a proof via a PDF file. You will have the opportunity to check the design and make a few changes if needed. We will not send your album to print until you give it your final approval. Order this book while the excitement about your wedding is still fresh in your minds. We will walk you through the easy steps of ordering and paying. One last great reason to order an album is that we let you have all of the 40 retouched album image files to keep. Remember to ask us for the Retouched and Super Edited Image files.

Maternity Wedding Photography Package

Another new package we just added is called our Maternity Wedding package. This package is for couples who are expecting a child and want a combination package. We will provide you with typical city hall wedding photography coverage including the ceremony. After the ceremony, we will guide you around the building and take beautiful wedding pictures. In addition, we will also provide you with a Maternity Portrait session. In most cases, the length of this combined session will be 2 hours. For more details, please email us!

Wedding Image Delivery Methods

You can request your San Francisco City Hall wedding image files in many different formats. We can "Dropbox" the images to you via File Transfer. We also offer Direct Download from your private website and this is included with every city hall photography package. This seems to be the current preferred way for our clients to receive their wedding images. It is convenient, fast and requires no purchased software. Yes, this private viewing site also allows your family and friends the opportunity to check out your beautiful San Francisco city hall wedding photographs. Prints can also be ordered from this site by you and your family/friends. See below for more information.

Order Prints of your San Francisco City Hall Wedding

Prints can also be ordered by credit card. We offer multiple sizes including 5X7, 8X10, 11X14 and above. All prints are custom edited and retouched if needed. Note: If you request a USB drive and you live in California we are required to collect applicable sales tax. All other digital transfer methods do not require that we collect tax. This is another good reason to receive your images via direct download. Note: Images directly downloaded are the same resolution but slightly compressed. We have seen no adverse effects from this but let us know and we can always supply you with a non-compressed image for that big enlargement you want to make! However, we have made 16X20 with the compressed file sizes and they turn out just fine. We never stop servicing our San Francisco city hall clients.

Romantic ceremony twist, the newlywed couple is tethered together for life

San Francisco City Hall Delivery Deadlines

We are very prompt when it comes to your image preparation and editing. Your photos will be fully edited and ready to view within 3 weeks from your wedding date. Our standard editing includes cropping, color correction, and exposure correction. Photoshop work and other types of image enhancements are available for an extra cost. We will frequently provide you some limited image enhancements on your proofs if they can be accomplished easily. This includes people removal and taking out some of the more obvious exit signs. Once you are ready, your Full Resolution Image files will be available to directly download from your viewing site. We can also send by Dropbox if you prefer. As mentioned previously, California residents will need to pay sales tax for a USB drive according to State law. Out of State couples do not have to pay Sales Tax on any of our products including Wedding Albums. Wedding Album orders generally take 3 weeks once finalized and ordered. The product must be shipped to your state to avoid sales tax in California. We do not offer Raw Files to our clients and they are not available.

Photography Package Payment Options

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards via PayPal. You do NOT need to have a Paypal account to use a credit card. We also accept cash, check, Paypal, Zelle or Venmo. A deposit of $350 is required to hold your wedding date for most packages. Larger packages may require a deposit of up to $500. If you decide to book, we will send you a contract with all of your payment and package details.

Your final payment is due 2 weeks after your wedding date for the balance of your package. Tax is only charged to California State clients who want a USB Drive or include a wedding album in their package. No tax needs to be collected for out-of-state clients or anyone receiving their image files by Direct Download or Dropbox. One reminder about clients who prefer to pay by cash. All CASH (currency) payments must be made in person. No exceptions. We can often meet you at city hall to receive cash payments for your convenience. We will also change your payment plan to accommodate the in-person payment.

Special Wedding Photography Discounts

Ask us about discount programs. We offer special city hall wedding photography pricing for Veterans and active Military personnel. In addition, certain times of the year may include special offers and programs like Valentine's Day or Christmas. We will often discount certain city hall busy days with multiple weddings. Just ask for potential discounts and we will let you know if there are any current programs being offered. We also offer a few limited packages. These packages are for couples that want Ceremony only coverage and also Virtual weddings. See above for the link and details.

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Grand staircase at City Hall

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