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Asian Wedding - Golden Gate Bridge

Asian Wedding San Francisco City Hall - Golden Gate Bridge

We make every effort possible to try to give our website a wide variety of galleries to choose from. The hope is that we can show each couple who is interested in San Francisco city hall wedding photography a portfolio or pictures that matches their own plans. This particular wedding would be great to review if you were planning a civil ceremony at SF City Hall followed by a trip to Baker Beach to capture more pictures with the Golden Gate Bridge.

Asian San Francisco city hall wedding photography
Asian City Hall Wedding Ceremony - Rotunda photography
Beautiful Asian bride resting on the window sill at SF City Hall
Cute Bridal candid wedding picture
Overhead view of San Francisco city hall wedding ceremony

What is Best Way to Capture Amazing Photos at Baker Beach?

Beach photography is not as easy as it seems. You are dealing with many different things that are not present in other places. For one thing, you have the bright sand and sun to deal with. This can sometimes make your photos look like Silhouettes. This can be fixed by using off-camera flash which we always use. It is also possible to just turn the couple towards the sun, but the problem that is that it can be hard on the brides and groom's eyes. You dont want to the newlyweds have to squint to look at the camera. In these circumstances, I will simply ask the couple to look at each other or kiss. Keeping their eyes on each other avoids the squinting problem for the most part. The other major challenge is exposure balance between the City Hall couple and the Golden Gate Bridge. Sometimes the bridge can have major sun on it, but the couple is in the shade. So in situation, I first expose for the Bridge and then I use my off-camera flash to balance the light. It often takes a few tries to get it perfect, but once I do, we get amazing photos of both!

Blue Sky can also be an Issue at the Beach

Everyone loves blue sky right? Sure, but its not always that easy when it comes to wedding photography. Depending upon the lighting conditions and angles, blue sky can sometime look sort of washed out and white. Here again, the sun position is important as is the time of the day. We tend to try to get the sky right first and then adjust everything else. It usually works out well.

The Sunsets are the Best!

Of course when it comes to the beach, you can't beat the Sunset pictures. Baker Beach has some beautiful ones. Add the Golden Gate bridge and you have the makings of a fantastic San Francisco wedding picture. The bridge takes on an even more amazing color at close to Sunset. The challenge is to get everything into the picture!