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Bay Bridge Wedding Professional Photography
Bride and groom  with their dog wearing a tux
Bride groom jumping in San Francisco
bride groom waiting at the County Clerks Office
City Hall Elevator Dance Dip in San Francisco
City Hall Mayors Balcony with colorful lights and dome
City Hall romance image by the 3rd Floor window
City Hall Sign Nuptial Celebration photography
County clerk number for City Hall wedding ceremony
Dad and groom pinning on boutonniere flower  before ceremony
Downtown San Francisco stroll by the Bay Bridge
Exchanging Wedding Rings at SF City Hall Ceremony
Fourth floor wedding photography with architecture arches
Wedding Photography walking at Crissy Field
San Francisco City Hall Affordable Wedding Package

Angela and Michael - SF City Hall and Downtown Reception Wedding Gallery

This was not a typical San Francisco City Hall shoot and that's one of the things that made it so much fun. Angela and Michael came into the building separately making sure not to see each other. Toni and I then set up a "first look" photo in a beautiful part of City Hall, but the couple put a small twist into the event which made it unique. Angela had her dad escort her to greet the groom much like the way a father and bride come into a big wedding. It was a special touch and we did a nice job photographing it. It's important to stay flexible

The other little twist they had in store for us was the addition of their dog. They had a friend bring the dog to the steps of San Francisco City Hall dressed in a cute little dog tux (see photo above!). We then did some posed shots in front of the City Hall sign. As often occurs, the best shot was the one not planned with the couple looking at the dog instead of the camera (see photo above). Proof again that the best photography just happens and it's our job to capture it when it does.

This was a particularly challenging day at City Hall because they were planning for a huge event. A large part of the building was roped off and not accessible for wedding photography (or anything else!). Through our very detailed knowledge of this building, we managed to take the wedding couple to unique spots and still got some amazing photos! We even created some very nice architectural photos by bringing Angela and Michael to the fringes of some of the blocked off areas and posed them there.

San Francisco Picture Tour

Our next stop was Crissy Field in the San Francisco Marina District. We took them up on top our favorite hill and got some gorgeous photos in front of the Golden Gate Bridge, including a jumping shot where it almost appears that the happy couple is hopping over the bridge! We finished our San Francisco tour in the downtown area with a few pictures including the San Francisco Bay Bridge. Also in the background you see Treasure Island and parts of Yerba Buena.

We are generally regarded as one of the best SF city hall wedding photographers currently working at this incredible venue. However, there are many other fantastic photographers that regularly cover weddings at San Francisco City Hall. If you are looking for a different style, we strongly encourage you to seek out an experienced city hall photography professional. The lighting challenges here demand a true professional who has photographed weddings at city hall in the past.

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