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SF Photo Tour Locations

San Francisco Photo Tour Locations

City Hall Wedding Photography by Michael offers our clients many beautiful San Francisco destination options if you choose one of our Photo Tour packages. We will direct you to the photo locations of your choice and take more amazing pictures of the 2 of you after your San Francisco city hall wedding is complete.

Choosing these locations as part of your wedding day is usually a mutual decision made by the couple and me. However, ultimately, the couple decides where they want to go! Listed below are some of our most popular options in no particular order. Each location has a link to look at a sample image and also we have provided some images below in the same order as the below list. For more information about finding the best San Francisco wedding photographers, click the link.

  • The Legion of Honor - We love the Legion of Honor for many reasons. It is a beautiful iconic San Francisco destination with great light throughout the year. It has the added advantage of less crowds and ample parking. The Legion of Honor is about a 20 minute drive from San Francisco city hall. One major bonus, it's partially covered so it is a great choice on a rainy day. We have photos of the Legion of Honor throughout this website, but here are some Photo Samples and more information. Definitely a favorite wedding destination and one we recommend frequently. One other advantage of the Legion of Honor is that the Golden Gate Bridge can be seen from there. It gives you a chance to obtain a few pictures of the beautiful bridge without more travel in SF. To learn more about visiting the Legion of Honor, click this link.

  • The Palace of Fine Arts - By far one of our most requested photo tour destinations, the Palace of Fine Arts offers something for everyone. Traffic can sometimes be bad getting there from San Francisco city hall at certain times of the day. It can take up to 30 minutes in the afternoon. There are so many places to take photos at POFA, but we also have to deal with tourists in our way occasionally. This, however, it is not a major problem. Still a favored location and a beautiful spot. It is especially popular with our Asian couples. Here are some Photo Samples for your viewing pleasure.

  • Crissy Field - Another very popular San Francisco destination that allows us to capture photos of you with both the Golden Gate Bridge behind you and also the Downtown area. Plus the water is right there next to us which gives us lots of options for wedding photography. Parking is usually not a problem here either. We have recently been told to watch our car in the parking lot, so we may be Ubering here for photos in the future. Definitely worth the effort! Here is a Photo Sample. For more information about Crissy Field, click the link.

  • Fort Point - This is one of our favorite locations to take our city hall couples who want a great shot of the Golden Gate Bridge. Fort Point provides the added advantage of being one of the few locations where you can actually see the bridge even if it is foggy. Not always, but most of the time it is possible to capture something worthwhile during the Fog Season. Parking is usually not a problem and it takes about 25 minutes to get here from City Hall. If you want the Bridge Large in your photo, this is the place! Here is a Photo Sample of a newly married couple at Fort Point.

  • Baker Beach - This is a popular location to get nice pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge. Baker Beach has the added advantage of beautiful ocean views. Many of our clients who love the ocean choose this destination for their San Francisco photo tour. It's close enough to the bridge to show good detail and color. In the late afternoon, the sun will often shine on the bridge making it look truly golden! The only negative is depending upon the weather, you may have lots of beach goers in the background of your photos. There is a nude beach way in the background, but we have not had problems. If it is a foggy day you will want to go to Fort Point instead. Here is a Baker Beach Photo Sample.

  • Pier 7 - This unique location is situated close to Downtown San Francisco. When we take couples to Pier 7 we can also turn our cameras to the Bay Bridge and other downtown backgrounds. Sometimes we just have our couples walk around the area to give a San Francisco feel to their wedding photography. Tourists can also get in the way here, but it usually works out fine if we are patient. Here is a Photo Sample of a couple posing right on the Pier.

  • Woodline at the Presidio - We love this location because it is completely different than all of the others listed here. Woodline doesn't really say "San Francisco", but provides it's own unique beauty. Woodline is for couples who love the outdoors and trees. This hidden gem is located in the Presidio and not as well known as the others. It is very private and fun. Here is a Photo Sample of Woodline in San Francisco.

  • Sutro Baths - This historic location can be amazing depending upon the weather. Beautiful rock formations and of course the Pacific Ocean await the couple that chooses to come here after their San Francisco city hall wedding. This location is a favorite of ours but comes with a warning... The drive from city hall to the Sutro Baths is a long one and then you have to hike down to the ocean. The hike back up can be challenging for some. We have to allow extra time for couples that choose this location. Here is a nice Photo Sample of Sutro Baths.

  • Painted Ladies - Another iconic SF destination that provides many different angles and views. Made even more popular because of the TV show "Full House" the Painted Ladies is definitely a tourist spot. Fortunately, the Victorian houses can still be photographed nicely even if there is a crowd. Fun location and a bit different from the typical Wedding pictures you will see. Here is a Painted Ladies Photo Sample. Here is a little history about The Painted Ladies.

Legion of Honor of San Francisco - Sample Wedding Image

Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco - Wedding Sample Image

Romantic wedding photography with Crissy Field and Golden Gate Bridge

Romantic walk along Baker Beach in San Francisco

San Francisco wedding photography at Woodline in the Presidio

Groom lifting bride on Pier 7 in San Francisco after wedding