Asian Bride Running at the Legion of Honor In San Francisco
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Asian wedding at San Francisco City Hall in Sepia
Candid moment with bride at the Legion of Honor
Casual wedding photography at SF Legion of Honor
Chinese couple walking at the SF Palace of Fine Arts
Chinese Wedding Photography San Francisco, California
Wedding Photographer San Francisco City Hall - Wedding Dress
Exchange vows - San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer
Just married San Francisco City Hall and Twirling bride
Marriage kiss at the San Francisco Legion of Honor
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Sepia tone marriage photography with glowing veil
Best Wedding Architecture at San Francisco City Hall
Wide angle Wedding Photography at the 4th Floor Gallery

Phoebe and Sean SF Wedding Gallery

We enjoyed our time with Phoebe and Sean at their City Hall wedding. They chose our San Francisco package which provided them with 4 hours of coverage and a San Francisco photo tour. They rode with us in our car and we took them to 3 fantastic SF iconic locations. Our stops included both the Legion of Honor and the Palace of Fine Arts. These are 2 of the most popular places we take our couples and Phoebe and Sean were not disappointed. We highly recommend booking one of our tour packages, take the opportunity to see San Francisco!

For this particular photo tour, the Palace of Fine Arts actually came in second place in terms of image quality to the Legion of Honor. The light was particularly good that day and we took advantage of it. Also, Phoebe and Sean seemed more comfortable there. This might be because there is a lot more privacy at the Legion of Honor with not nearly as many tourists wandering around. While we always get great shots at the Palace of Fine Arts, dealing with the crowds can be challenging! We often take couples to Ghirardelli Square for this package to get a nice Cable Car photo! We might even stop in at the Buena Vista Cafe for an Irish Coffee on us!

Here is a list of some of the less touristy options available for the San Francisco Package:

  • Woodline at the Presidio
  • Golden Gate Bridge - Marin County side
  • Castro District Overlook
  • North Beach and Russian Hill
  • The Painted Ladies
  • Twin Peaks
  • Hayes Valley
  • Bay Bridge Overlook
  • Certain area of Golden Gate park
  • Botanical Gardens
  • The Palace of the Legion of Honor

Some of our clients prefer a bit more privacy then a place like, for example, the Palace of Fine Arts. Despite the obvious beauty and history of POFA, it can be challenging to take photos there without dozens of people in the way. Especially in the summer which is prime tourist season. So consider some of the options above, especially if you tend to be a more private person. We want to make the bride and groom as comfortable as possible for their wedding photography session. This may mean foregoing some of the more traditional photo spots in San Francisco to avoid the crowds. But the payoff is great, because even though it is definitely important to obtain wedding photographs with the backdrop of San Francisco, you mainly want photos where you look relaxed and comfortable. We endeavor to make sure that our couples feel at ease throughout the shoot. More importantly, we are always checking in with them to make sure that are happy and not over loaded. It can be quite easy for a city hall wedding photographer who is excited about the couple to get carried away and start moving too fast. One of the things I love about shooting weddings with Toni Bailey is that we tend to watch each other and keep the other in check. This means that if one of us is trying to get too much done too quickly the other one can remind to slow down. When couples ask us how many San Francisco locations we can squeeze in during the 4 hour package, we always tell them 3. We don't want to make your photo shoot into a race. We feel that the photos come out better and the couple is more natural when we take our time and focus more on the current location. To be honest, most of our clients are pretty well finished after the 3rd location. It is a lot of time and effort to be posing for wedding photographs. We do everything we can to make it fun!

Bride and Groom holding hands at the Legion of Honor