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SF City Hall Quinceanera Photographer

We are now offering Quinceanera photography at San Francisco city hall and other locations throughout the Bay Area. Other amazing destinations for Quince photography include The Palace of Fine Arts, the Legion of Honor and other iconic areas in San Francisco. San Francisco city hall happens to be very popular for Quinceanera portrait sessions so I thought I would use my 12 years of wedding and portrait photography experience there to capture some great images of your Daughter's Quince celebration. With our 900+ events photographed at SF City Hall, we know all of the best places to take your family for great photos. Best of all, we promise that you will have no strangers in your Quinceanera portrait session pictures. Our experience and equipment make it possible for your photos to feature only your Daughter with no tourists wandering around in the background. Click For Affordable Quince Photography Prices

Quinceanera Photographer - San Francisco City Hall

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How we Photograph Your Quinceañera Session

All of our Quinceañera photo shoots are very well planned out with specific goals in mind. Our priority is to make sure we capture amazing photos of your daughter while making sure we choose the best backgrounds possible. Our many years of experience as a professional photographer has made us experts in posing and composition. We use professional off-camera lighting for all of our indoor photography to ensure the most dramatic photos we can obtain. Your daughter will receive plenty of personal attention from our Quinceañera coordinator, Bianca. Most importantly, we make sure that your daughter is relaxed and having fun. Bianca will assist me with all of the posing and dress styling. It doesn't matter whether we are at San Francisco City Hall, the Palace of Fine Arts, or your family backyard, we make sure to capture incredible photos of your daughter on this very important event in her life.

Quinceanera Photography Coordinator - Bianca Semeraro

Bianca joined us in 2023 and has been helping us as our primary Stylist and Posing expert for San Francisco City Hall weddings and portrait sessions ever since. We have decided to take advantage of her fluent Spanish speaking and offer our clients from the Latino community San Francisco city hall Quinceanera photography sessions as well. Bianca will focus all of her time and effort during your Quince photoshoot on the subject herself. She will make sure that everything is in place and the dress is laid out perfectly. She will also pose your daughter at the various photography locations at San Francisco city hall, especially the Grand Staircase. Bianca grew up in the Latino Culture and so she understands all of the traditions and customs that are unique to that community. We know your entire family will enjoy being taken care of by Bianca!

Our Quince Manager and CoordinatorQuince Manager - Bianca Semeraro

What Exactly is a Quinceañera?

A Quinceañera is a tradition mostly celebrated in Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean. It is also celebrated in Latino Communities in the United States and other places throughout the world. It is representative of child's passage into womanhood at the age of 15. In the old days, it was often the time that a girl was prepared to be married. Of course, that is mostly no longer the case anymore. In modern times, it more likely marks a time where a girl can start formal dating. Even more prevalent in places like the United States, it really is just an important traditional celebration and probably doesn't represent anything significant in terms of dating or marriage.

In this country, it is just an important time in a girl's life and gives the family an opportunity to honor their daughter as she grows up. A Quince celebration usually involves a church ceremony, a party and a photoshoot in a colorful dress. The 15 year old girl will also have something similar to bridesmaids to support her. Comparisons to a wedding are not uncommon. For more information about Quince celebrations and traditions check out this link. We are available to not only capture the traditional Quince pictures, but can also capture the actual celebration party. Quinceanera photography at San Francisco city hall is one of our favorite locations, but we are available to take her pictures anywhere. Just let us know the Bay Area locations you prefer.

Quinceanera photographer at SF City Hall

Quince Photography in the San Francisco Bay Area

This page features San Francisco city hall as an amazing place for a Quince photo session, but we are available to take pictures throughout the Bay Area. There are many other beautiful photography locations in Northern California for your Quinceanera pictures and we are happy to go wherever you want. In fact, many people like to do these photo sessions at their own house and backyard. In addition to our photo sessions, we will also cover all aspects of the Quince celebration from start to finish as an option. This includes the church ceremony and party/reception that comes after. Just let us know the length of photography coverage you want! Many clients want the formal photoshoot on a different day than the Ceremony / Party. Here is a list of some of our favorite San Francisco Bay Area destinations for Quinceañera Photography:

  • San Francisco City Hall
  • The Palace of Fine Arts
  • The Legion of Honor
  • Sutro Baths
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Crissy Fields
  • Golden Gate Park
  • Golden Gate Bridge Views

How To Book us for Your Quinceañera Photo Session

We have made the booking process quite easy if you would like us to handle your Quinceañera photography. The first step is to go to our Quince Request Form and provide us with a little information about your event or requested Photoshoot. On the form you will be able to let us know where you would like to have your photo shoot captured. We also need to know you preferred Event/Session date if applicable. We ask you if you are looking for full event coverage or just a photoshoot. Once we receive this information we can send you a price quote with full detains regarding what is included. If the price fits your budget we will send you a contract. A deposit of $350 holds the date and the remaining balance is due two weeks after the Quince photoshoot or event. Your deposit can be made through Venmo, PayPal, or Zelle. We also accept a mailed personal check. We offer various discounts throughout the year, please contact us for more information.

Please use our Contact information form to inquire about pricing and details regarding our Quince Photography services. Our goal is to provide you with the best SF Bay Area Quinceanera photography possible, but still offer affordable prices. Se Habla Espanol!

Quinceanera Photographer - SF City Hall Photoshoot

Quinceanera Photoshoot at San Francisco City Hall