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Sandra and Charlene - Same-Sex City Hall Wedding

We probably say this too often, but Sandra and Charlene were one of our favorite couples of last year. Maybe that's because we really enjoy all of our city hall wedding couples. This wedding was particularly great from a photographic standpoint because we had 2 wedding dresses to work with! Both gowns were elegant, but unique in their own way. Our brides really set out to have a fantastic wedding day and they did! We spent much of the actual shoot joking around and being silly and I think it shows in the photos. Many of our engaged couples come to us before the wedding and let us know that they would really like candid photos for their city hall wedding. We are happy to accommodate them, but the truth is, unless you are fun loving and active, it is not always easy to get shots that capture great moments. Not the case with Sandra and Charlene! They created amazing candid moments throughout the wedding and our city hall tour. We were more than happy to document their fun!

Thanks again to Sandra and Charlene for booking us. We had a great time!

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