Celebrating in San Francisco at end of Lesbian Wedding
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Sandra and Charlene

Celebration Documentary at Weddings

What makes a great city hall wedding photography session?  In my opinion, the perfect wedding shoot must contain the following elements:

  • Exceptional Formal posed shots
  • Photos that tell the story of the day
  • Images that show emotion and celebration
  • Photos that show movement
  • Sharp clear family photos that show closeness
  • Fun!

So it should be no surprise that the photo above contains many of these elements.  The photo was taken at the end of the day and so it tells the story that this was a great wedding day.  As the couple walks in front of San Francisco city hall, its obvious that they celebrating and are full of emotion.  The image is a walking shot, so it shows movement.  Lastly, you can certainly tell that the couple is having fun!  We strive to always make sure that out wedding photography at city hall has at least most of these attributes before we finish up for the day!