Best Glowing Black and White City Hall Wedding Image
4th Floor City Hall San Francisco romantic wedding photography
Bride Bouquet with face framed by veil in natural light
San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer - Bride and Groom Kiss
City Hall Wedding Walk on the 4th floor North Gallery
Cute Bridal Portrait Sitting on a City Hall window
Fun Mayor's Balcony Photo at SF City Hall
Grand staircase kiss with Professional Back Lighting
San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photography - Leaving City Hall
North Gallery Marriage Kiss San Francisco City Hall
Nuptial Kiss City Hall Wedding Image
Pretty bride veil flowers on the second floor Rotunda
Railing images City Hall Showing Depth and Colors
Relaxed Wedding Photography is the Best Option
Ring exchange San Francisco Wedding Ceremony
Wedding Ceremony Love at SF City Hall

Krista and Tate - City Hall Gallery

Krista and Tate said their wedding vows just after the New Year of 2017. We loved their formal attire, especially Krista's wedding dress, complete with a long veil and train. She also brought a colorful bouquet which really looked fantastic. We strongly recommend bringing flowers to all of our wedding couples. As beautiful as San Francisco City Hall is, it's not very colorful. Lots of grays and whites because of all of the marble and other neutral materials. A little splash of color does wonders for the photos! Krista and Tate booked our City Hall PLUS package which includes 2 hours of coverage and includes check-in coverage and pre-wedding photos. This is our most popular package and it really is for the couple who wants the full San Francisco City Hall treatment. Professional wedding photography from start to finish, covering all of the memorable moments, laughter and tears. If you want to go off-site then you will need to look at either our Golden Gate Package or our San Francisco Package

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