City Hall Wedding Walk on the 4th floor North Gallery
San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer

Candid Wedding Photography

How do you create an effective candid wedding image when nothing candid is really happening? I think the key is to instruct the bride and groom into specific interactions, especially those that will make them smile or laugh. In the photo above, we asked the bride and groom to walk hand-in-hand on the 4th floor at San Francisco city hall and playfully pull on each others arms. Its inevitable that something fun will happen and one or both of them will laugh. It's also a nice break from more specific posing during a photo shoot. Candid photography is simply the art of capturing your subjects in a non-posed moment that hopefully shows some emotion. The list below describes some of the more common candid photos that occur during a typical wedding. This is not a complete list, but represents the majority of situations we can use to created great documentary type of wedding photography.

  • Kissing and hugging
  • laughing and crying
  • Bride and groom walking holding hands
  • Interaction shots (bride and groom)
  • Dancing at the wedding reception
  • Cake cutting including feeding each other
  • Bouquet and garter toss
  • First Dance

Beautiful SF City Hall bride displaying her wedding dress